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Personal Statement of Michael Wolf

Who I had to be within society is absolutely irrelevant to my work to save the planet. Society is the reason that the planet needs saving. So, while knowing something about me will help you understand how I can do what no one else seems to be able to do, any judgments made about my abilities and motives from things I have said or done while in society would be incorrect.

Who we are is shaped by our early years because that is when we are developing. And traumatic experiences are especially impactful to a person's development. And the challenges we face in life drive our mental development just as it necessitated the development of intelligence in human beings. For various reasons, I developed my intellect far more so than others.

I had my first near-death experience at four years old, on my birthday in fact. I also suffered brain damage for the first time, and have no memory of my life before that age. This and other circumstances led me to be very empathetic, extremely sensitive to the suffering of others. Because of this, I was bullied by everyone around me, including my own family.

Only four years later, I experienced my first awakening. Being bullied for being different because of the brain damage caused me to question many things, and I eventually realized there was something wrong with a society that allowed an innocent, intelligent boy to be treated as I was treated, even by my own family.

28 years later, a house fire ended my school career which I had started in order to facilitate my change in careers from that of a successful independent programmer, to a researcher and advocate for wolves. The brain damage I suffered due to lead paint fumes caused a loss of what we call social skills, loss of emotional regulation, and the loss of most of the memories of my life. My ability to deal with my awareness of there being something wrong with society was lost and I was bullied once again.

My second awakening happened eight years later. I watched a documentary which showed another independent scientist as myself coming to the same conclusions I had about society in my search to understand why society could treat me as I had been. Having only a short time before read an article about moral reasoning, I quickly began to see that there wasn't something wrong in society, that society itself was the problem.

Society cannot solve the problems that have led to our potential demise as a species because society itself is the cause of that problem, and the form of society which dominates the planet - and more importantly it's resources - is one which cannot change, nor can it accept it's responsibility for it's effects on the planet.

So, if society cannot solve it's own problems, and it's problems are affecting the planet's ability to support human existence, then society, and thus everyone within society, is a threat to the planet and the future of humanity itself. This also means that only by being outside society can you be sufficiently motivated to act to benefit, instead of harming society. Society shields people from the damage it does. But outside of society, that damage is right in your face.

This leads to two conclusions about me: One is that being outside society qualifies me to be trusted to work to save the planet. I care nothing for society, only the planet and it's ability to support human existence. The second conclusion is that it doesn't matter who I was, what I did, what I wrote, or what I said or even believed while I was in society. Being outside of society, self-sufficient and self-reliant means money has no meaning to me except as a contributor to the very problems I need to solve. It also means I cannot be judged by anyone within society.

I am not, after all, contributing to global climate change by burning fossil fuels and otherwise supporting the very society that created the problem in the first place. So no judgment about me can be valid. And I am more than happy to open my research and work to scrutiny, and my results will speak for themselves. I care nothing for fame either, and hope to keep my life as outside of society as is possible considering the state of earth's resources.

At this time, I am not yet completely outside of society. I have left the United States of America, permanently, but am still trying to find a way to complete my vessel. Because society has captured all of the planet's resources, I have to find a way to use society's means to find the resources I need. Fortunately, my life's experience includes salvaging as a way of life. This affords me the means to find everything I need, except a place to do the work. Land, the one thing that most certainly cannot be justified to be in ownership by any individual - you can only own what you create yourself - is something I must pay for the use of, and that means finding the means, and it means dealing with society, and it means participating in the continued destruction of the planet's ability to support my own future.

I am extremely anxious to be done with my work so I can move on to the next stage of my life, saving the planet.