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I am a leader because I am a person who does things of my own initiative. I am a leader in action, not in word. I lead only by example.

This is simple logic:

A leader is defined as being the first to act. In the context of a society, this means acting before others who follow the same action. Leadership in this context does not mean that people followed the person. Rather, it is specific to people following the action, whether or not they are aware of the person who first made the action.

Being the first to act means that no one else has done the same thing. If no one else is society has yet done what I do on my own initiative, I become the first to take that action. I would be considered a leader if others started doing the same thing. This is without regard to whether or not I tried to get people to do the same.

What defines a leader therefore is making the correct decisions so that those who follow, do so not because the leader made the decision, but because the decision made was right and can be understood to be so.

I do not make decisions and take action because I want other people to do the same thing I do. I make decisions and take actions because they are the right things to do. If others wish to also make the right decisions and take the right actions, they are more than welcome to do so whether it be on their on, or in following my lead.

When people see actions I take or the results of actions I take and which are correct, and they decide they agree they are correct actions, and they also take the same actions, then and only then have I become a leader.

A leader then is not a person. A leader is simply one who decides to act correctly and who happens to do so before others.

I am captain of The Disperser because I am confident in my ability to act on my own initiative, to make the right decisions, and to take the right actions, and that these things are done not from my perspective, nor society's perspective, but from the Universal perspective, that is, that the right decision is universally correct rather than solely benefiting me or society or even mankind.

Because I consider all perspectives, rather than just my own, and because I strive to understand all I can about the world around me, and especially the world as my ship must interact with it, I make sure I am always the most qualified to make decisions on The Disperser in my capacity as captain.

My participation in efforts to save the planet are made with the same considerations. I don't seek to make myself comfortable to the exclusion of anyone or anything else. I seek to make myself AND everyone and everything on earth more comfortable so that I can also be more comfortable. Indeed, we are in this mess in the first place precisely because people tend to seek their own comfort at the expense of others.

Imagine if everyone were universally more interested in everyone's comfort than their own. Indeed, if that were the case, there wouldn't be a need for leaders.