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My personal history is important in understanding me.

As a child, I was bullied by everyone around me including my own family, people who lacked an important human characteristic, empathy. And lacking empathy, my parents could not teach us children empathy. My siblings all lack empathy, yet I am highly empathetic. I believe I owe this to my having taken shelter with the family dog when my father or mother were on their violent physical or verbal tirades. Empathy is so important, it defines us as human beings. And while my family and those who bullied me obviously lacked empathy, I had it in excess, being extremely sensitive to the suffering of others around me.

On my fourth birthday, I suffered brain damage from extremely high fever from which I almost died. At the age of 5, I realized was more intelligent than my mother. At 6, I realized my father was stupid and untrustworthy. From then on, I took care of myself, using what resources were available to me as provided by my parents. But my 8th year of life was probably the most pivotal. It began right after my birthday in the summer before school started. My face was severely disfigured by dog bites and I was kept out of school for a portion of the school year, probably a couple of months. I spent my time at the library, which was at the time one of the largest in the country. I developed social relationships with older people instead of my peers. By the time I began attending school again, I was so far ahead of other students from studying on my own and independently that the teacher had to set me aside in the classroom and give me my own things to do because classroom activities were so boring to me.

A year prior, I had difficult reading, as exemplified by not even knowing how to pronounce "as." By the middle of second grade, I was reading at a high school level. In fact, my coursework would never catch up to me and I always had a very easy time with it. I summarize my educational experience this way: where most people were happy to accept the coursework they were given and get the grades to pass, I went far beyond, my curiosity never really sated by school or books or the answers adults gave me. I wanted to know how things worked. I wanted to know what when on behind the scenes. I wanted to understand everything around me.

How I was treated as a child had a lot to do with my intellectual abilities, which are no more than the same potential abilities everyone has, I just took the initiative to develop them. So it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that I learned to think and behave and live differently than people around me. I never did anything the way anyone else did them.

When I was 8 years old, I had my first awakening. I had wondered why people would treat one of their own the way I was treated, and especially for no more than being more curious and developing my abilities more than others did. I read books like "Call it Courage," "My Side of the Mountain," and "An Edge of the Forest," books which inspired me to reason that society wasn't all there was, and that I could, and should, one day rise above society.

Much of my life was spent trying to find my place in the world, trying to survive in society. Simultaneously, I was still asking questions, investigating, digging into things, looking where I wasn't really supposed to, and asking questions I shouldn't ask of people I shouldn't question. I had several careers until finally deciding to dedicate my life to saving the animal I identified most with, wolves. But even that life was impossible for me, and one day in 2012, I had my second awakening.

After watching a documentary in which another independent scientist had come to the same conclusions about society that I had, I realized that all my life my ideas about society and people in society were correct, that I was right, and that there was nothing wrong with me, no reason for me to be treated as I was, and that the way I was treated was the result of some pathology among the majority of people in the United States of America and probably elsewhere.

While I had previously decided I wanted to leave the country, I purchased my ship within 6 months of that moment of awakening. I struggled to prepare the ship to move to a location where I could complete the refit, and after significant financial loss, the loss of two friends, and nearly losing my freedom and my life, I made it safely out of the USA to my present location, Mexico. Unfortunately, Mexico has not proved much better as they refused to allow me access to the asylum/refuge process.