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The Disperser is made of a very special type of material, one invented in and used exclusively by an American manufacturer which is unfortunately no longer in business.

The material was examined by the US Navy, and tested extensively by the US Coast Guard for their interest in using one of these vessels as a USCG passenger vessel.

This page will continue to be developed and updated to include information on laminated ferro-cement, but readers are encouraged to do research. Ferro-cement and laminated ferro-cement are excellent materials which are perfectly suited to low-cost boat construction. If we have the ability to do so, I hope to conduct research and build prototypes for replacing the GRP (glass-reinforced plywood) pangas here in Mexico with laminated or even regular ferro-cement. My preference is for laminated ferro-cement because it is immensely stronger and uses less cement though more steel. Both options will be considered for here in Mexico so that adjustments can be made according to available resources.

US Coast Guard testing of Fibersteel vessel and materials - PDF File