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The Disperser Features:

The Disperser includes many features which set it apart from other sailing vessels. As this is our permanent home on the ocean and while we conduct our research (see "Save the Planet" link in the menu for more information), we have and will be including features, including some unique features, which will ensure our comfort and self-sufficiency now and into the future.

The first feature is one I installed myself using salvaged materials. I purchased about 300 meters of galvanized tubing from a scrapyard and proceeded to construct rails and support for shade cloth. I purchased wire for my microwire welder, and used the same size carbide hole saw to cut the ends of the tubing for welding, and welded up railing and shade cloth for the entire vessel afterwards of the main mast, and provided for temporary means to suspend shade cloth all the way forward to and even over the bowsprit. This allows me to shade the deck in the extremely hot summers on the Baja Penninsula, but also allows me to put up as many as 30 full size solar panels above as well as along the sides of the vessel. For those panels along the side, a mechanism will be created to allow the panels to be raised to both provide additional shade, as well as a significant amount of free power. Solar panels these days run about 350 watts. This means we have the ability to have about 10,000 watts of solar power available to us.

Other features include a dual solar power system for both 12V as well as 120VAC application.

For power, I chose a server rack UPS as a means to store power. I purchased a used APC 3000watt inverter/charger head for about $100, and $2000 worth of new batteries, giving me approximately 45 hours at 150 watts constant use. With the solar system, I will have all the power I need to run my sensitive electronic devices including computers and test and research equipment.

The other significant feature of The Disperser is the bowsprit, which is made to include a full observation deck. This presents some difficulties for heavy-weather sailing conditions, but this will be examined in the refit when the bowsprit is rebuilt - necessary given the condition thanks to the marina I am presently in.