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Financial Responsibilities for Climate Change

Our efforts, whether or not you believe in global warming, climate change, or whatever, are meant to undo the creation of pollutants in our atmosphere which were not there before the petroleum industry came into existence. And as such, our efforts only seek to undo what the petroleum industry has done. This is why we seek donations only from those who directly profit from the petroleum industry.

By seeking donations and other support from the petroleum industry as well as those who speculate on fossil fuels, we are taking on the role of the responsible party on behalf of the Earth and humanity. But, two people can hardly succeed in convincing an entire industry, or at least a few who have become rich because of it, to fulfill their moral obligations. Oh, I'm sure we could write an excellent argument that would shame the most shameless into giving to us; but how do we reach these people and get them to listen to us? That's where you come in.

And all we are asking is for you to show some consideration for the benefits you have derived from the conveniences afforded by fossil fuels, which are the reason these companies and persons benefit financially from fossil fuels because you believe what you are told. So, we are thus asking you to realize you have been lied to, and to take some responsibility and act in the smallest, most effortless manner possible to help us undo the damage done by this greedy industry. Your part in contributing to global warming did not benefit you financially, but it did benefit you otherwise. You thus do not have a financial obligation to stop global warming. But because you have benefitted in your life from fossil fuels, you do bear a small part, and by spreading the word and pressuring those who have benefitted financially, you can relieve yourself of any obligations to help by simply doing your part to spread the word.