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Saving the Planet Act 1: Reversing Climate Change: Ideas Brainstorm #2

We recently reached out to a couple of people to see what they thought about our ideas for saving the planet. To our pleasant surprise, one of the two happened to have worked in the oil drilling industry and provided a great deal of insight.

One avenue we are certainly going to explore immediately is replacing the baryte and other backfill fluids with carbon-based fluids. The difficulty we will have is in finding something at least as dense but which is made of carbon. One possibility is making the carbon into a more dense form, though this won't be quite as dense as baryte, which is dense so it can act against pressures inside wells. Forms of carbon which are more dense are certainly forms we can consider, but any process must be at least as cost-effective as baryte for the industry to use it. We will continue to seek out ways to sequester carbon.

One idea I have long thought would be a good idea is to permanently remove any excess carbon from Earth altogether so that it can never find its way back into our atmosphere. And there is a very clever way to do this which does not waste the carbon and actually allows it to significantly serve mankind in a completely sustainable manner.

The great thing about this idea is that it necessitates the removal of something else Earth can really do without: nuclear fuel and weapons. Allow me to explain very briefly: if sufficient radioactive material can be delivered to Mars and a meltdown created intentionally, it is entirely possible to remelt the core of Mars, thought to be the reason Mars no longer has an atmosphere (it did, else it could not be red, the color of iron oxide, which requires massive amounts of oxygen which does not exist freely in the Martian atmosphere). If successful, then the excess carbon of Earth can be used to process the Martian atmosphere and seed life sufficient to actually colonize Mars, and allow us to actually design an environment and have control over the climate.

Yes, this is a huge idea that is very, very preliminary. But we know that it can be done, and we know that Earth does not need all this carbon nor all of these nuclear weapons or power plants. They are dangerous to humans on earth, but only because they are in the hands of immature people who are in fact insane, when you consider that what they are doing with these resources is particularly dangerous to the human species and Earth itself. By removing the excess carbon and nuclear fuel from Earth, we not only ensure that Earth can continue to support human life, but we also create a second home for ourselves, to protect the human species from any fate which might just happen to befall us on Earth, such as an asteroid strike, or a Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun which has the potential to simply strip Earth of its atmosphere altogether.

Yet another idea we hope to pursue is what we hope will be the ultimate: biotechnology which allows us to print grids of proteins on a bed of living synthetic tissue which supports these protein which would be comprised of a matrix of dots where photosynthesis or a similar process would remove carbon from the air, amongst channels of other proteins designed to move that carbon through the matrix as a waste product. What we intend is for a synthetic living tissue that can process carbon out of the atmosphere while simultaneously generating electricity and only requiring water and protection from temperature extremes. Such devices could be mounted everywhere, and would act to effeciently process the atmopshere. There are of course a wide array of other benefits of developing this kind of biotechnology.