I am in imminent danger due to my failing health, damaged vessel, corrupt navy and all other officials here, loss of my disability income, and a coming hurricane.  Please help.  I am disabled in my ability to communicate.  Please spread the word.  All I need is to not be invisible.  I am being treated this way because I have been censored out of existence.  Please don't let me die.

If you can come to La Paz, please do so.  Just having witnesses or someone to interview me would save my life and then some.

Welcome to the official website of the vessel "The Disperser"

The  Disperser is home to a true American, a man who seeks freedom from oppression from his beliefs by his fellow countrymen and the governments that claim to represent all people but which in reality represent none.

My life then is a reflection of the lives of the people who founded America and demonstrates that America has become what people sought to escape in going there 400 years ago.

Despite being a white Christian male landowner, meaning I should essentially be 'landed gentry' in America, I have had to flee for my safety due to oppression by the government and by other Americans who never once treated me as privileged as my status as a white Christian male landowner supposedly grants me.  And so because America has become what people escaped, I now have had to flee America for safer lands, and now live in Mexico on my ship, ironically in a state run by greedy foreigners where I have been trapped for 6 years now.

Please follow this link for an update on our present situation

Follow this link to read my email to Sec. Ebrard of Mexico inviting Evo Morales to see how Mexico is really run by Americans, and their response.

Statement Regarding "Conception" Dive Boat Tragedy in Santa Barbara, California USA

We are once again being illegally dispossessed, this time by Marina Palmira

The Disperser is home to two people (so far) who lack the social skills necessary to safely negotiate society. We like to think that we traded social skills for skills we can use in nature to survive. Unfortunately, most people don't consider such a perspective and instead judge us by our poor ability to present ourselves socially. As a result, we have decided to create this website in order that we might provide factual information about ourselves which does not rely on social presentation which we are incapable of.

I am Michael Wolf, captain of the Disperser. I suffered brain damage in 2004 which damaged my brain in such a way as to destroy what you can call "ego," which is no more than my social presence, or my personality. Even as a highly intelligent person who has studied and researched the brain damage I suffered, I still do not understand fully what happened, except that I seem to be completely unable to relate to anyone socially.

My companion is also my caregiver. He was born premature by 5 weeks and suffered psychological trauma due to misunderstood health problems which were improperly diagnosed and treated in his youth. As a result, he never had the chance to develop social skills, skills absolutely necessary for surviving in modern society which has all of the earth's resources locked up behind a paywall.

Together, we can survive anything nature throws at us, but neither of us and not even together have we been able to successfully negotiate society to acquire the only thing society can provide, the land we require to be able to complete work ourselves with resources and tools we already possess in order that we might complete our ship so we may live our lives outside of the society which created our condition and also happens to judge us for it.

This website then presents our efforts, and also includes any difficulties we have in interacting with society. It is organized as best as can be considering my disabilities and as such, your patience will be appreciated.

The Disperser is the name of the vessel which is home to two people who have decided to live self-sufficiently in a nomadic life which includes a sufficient degree of luxury and convenience as to allow us to both enjoy life, and to conduct research in our personal mission to ensure the human species survives. We are not like anyone else in the world. We strive for as natural a life as possible, but we also strive to achieve our potential as human beings. We are not capitalists or progressives. We are not hippies or sovereign citizens. We are not preppers, nor are we 'cruisers' like other sailors. We have our own direction in life completely independent of any nation, culture, or belief system.

The Disperser is our efforts to diversify the human experience. Just as dispersing diversifies the genetics of wolves and enables them to better adapt to and survive their world, so is it our belief that our efforts will help the human species by diversifying our collective approach as human beings to the problems of survival. And we ask that our efforts be respected as such; that we are recognized as trying to do something different for good reasons that will have real benefits to humanity.

The Disperser began as a means by which I could create a controlled and organized environment in which I could survive due to the effects of brain damage I suffered in a house fire. Society was far too unpredictable and unstable for my needs while the ocean, while at times potentially dangerous, offers a predictability that society simply cannot. Living on a ship outside of society, reliant upon myself and those with me on my ship and only ourselves means my world is much smaller and more manageable now that my brain has far less capacity to deal with the complexities of society. Because of my injuries, I am also far less capable of what people take for granted as socializing, and have created this website to act as a source of information about me and my developing project which began over lunch in my motorhome in Arcata California in July 2012.

This website provides information about us, our vessel, our philosophies, our mission, our goals, and our beliefs for those who might be interested in learning about what we are doing. As we are not social and thus have only very limited interactions with people and society, this website is the only true window into our lives and our efforts.

You are welcome to explore this website via the text links to the left.

This website is informational only and will be updated often but without schedule or notice. Services exist which can provide notification of updates to this site and you are welcome to find and utilize them.

My official statement on my need for protection as a refugee/asylee:

A brief note of significant importance:
I came to Mexico to seek Refuge and/or asylum not just because I qualify and require the protection afforded by this international instrument designed to protect vulnerable people such as myself in my condition; I came also because I was deprived of any chance to prove my medical condition is real and that I am not as people judge me by my symptoms and to be able to do so through a process which requires I be listened to and my evidence considered before making any rash judgments; something not one single person in my life has done. Refuge therefore, is vital for me in getting my most basic human needs met. I have thus far been unable to secure access to this process which is vital to me above all else because of the fact that my symptoms worsen with increased stress. I sent a letter via post to Migración and received an email 29 March confirming receipt. It is for my purposes, a legal declaration of seeking refuge which allows me access to due process in case they act to deport me. I still hope for some assistance in finding a location to work on my ship.

This website was created manually using only HTML and CSS by Michael Wolf with the assistance of free 18 year old WSYWIG editor software. There is no Javascript, no cookies, no spyware, no third party software or websites. All photographs were taken by Michael Wolf. The background photograph for the website was taken between Cabo San Lucas and Cabo Pulmo off Baja California Sur in November 2014. Spanish version also translated by Michael Wolf, removed because Mexicans do not appreciate that I struggle with language and instead judge me by my Spanish; thus I no longer speak or write it, period..