My Fears for The Future 
Thursday, December 28, 2023, 05:16 AM - General
Posted by Administrator
I have a unique perspective in the world as a genius and victim of jewish efforts to, well, take over the world.

More on my perspective later.

My fear for the future is that jews have conditioned people so well as to have created the conditions whereby I believe that the genocide in Gaza Strip is a test for a global event.

What is going on right now is obvious genocide, the forced removal or destruction by direct and indirect means of an entire population so that jews can have their ocean view. The messianic prophecy guiding Netanyahu tells him and all jews that Israel, including all of historical Palestine, is theirs. This is in spite of evidence that these Ashkenazi jews have never even been in Israel, and of course the obviousness of the fact that their belief does not coincide with the rest of humanity based entirely on the fact that the jewish identity includes being their god's chosen people.

So they are committing this genocide, which any basic understanding of jewish dogma (talmud) would show was well within their belief system as a genocide and ethnic cleansing, while the world stares in complete and utter inaction. No one is doing a damn thing to stop what is obvious genocide based on messianic beliefs of a people who believe themselves better than everyone else.

It is so obvious to me that you are unaware of this perspective, of the reality that you are so well conditioned to accept what the jews who run the media and internet tell you. But it is only obvious to me, not to any of you, so you cannot see it, and my words here will do precious little to change that.

So, I write, probably from my death bed, that you all face imminent and complete destruction, the indiscriminate and emotionless destruction of your home and all you have built up, and all you have ever created and accomplished, and all you have gathered together to maintain your life, as well as all those whom you love either destroyed physically or mentally by shock or simple loss of will.

My perspective is unique because I am someone who stands out as an example of a mature human being, that is, someone who is not domesticated because I managed to become an adult, on my own, and completed my own education all before I was even in the second grade; and a feat almost none of you has even managed to accomplish as of yet.

And what I see, firsthand, is exactly what Palestinians see. The same collective punishments. The same false flags and false accusations of terrorism. I see exactly what these idiot jews do because I am a genius, and because I stood out in their sights long ago as an impediment to their messianic plans, and have been intricately connected to their plans as a result of my being a threat to them. And as a genius with the capability to remember things over long periods of time and connect them so well, I most certainly see now those plans.

And those plans are to do to all of you exactly what they are doing in Palestine, and they will likely do it to you with nukes, biological means, or most likely a nice cocktail of mass genocide and ethnic cleansing of most of the population of the planet.

Why do I know they will wipe us all out? Because they have wiped me out like they have wiped out over 20,000 innocent Palestinian citizens who had been imprisoned in their own country by an invading force given entitlement to do so by you and everyone else out there who refuses to step in and help Palestinians just like you refuse to step in and help me.

I have lost everything, and everything included my ability to be self sufficient. Now, I am about to be homeless. I am sick. I am without a caregiver. I am without my SSDI payments (not a fucking benefit, a payout from insurance I was forced to pay for by the same government that illegally took it away and is keeping me from getting it back.) I am dying, and none of you will help me because you believe what jews tell you about me, even in spite of knowing that these people lie to you by habit.

I am sitting here in La Paz directly witnessing the callous ignorance of absolutely everyone of my situation even in spite of knowing that it is based entirely on rumors from papers known to be mouthpieces of a known corrupt government. In other words, people here KNOW I am a victim, not the aggressor, the terrorist they paint me as. Yet in spite of this, no one helps me. Everyone shies away as if I am dangerous. As if the fucking lies are true.

This is how I know that the ignorance of you and everyone else of the plight of Palestinians being massacred wholesale by obvious fascists is a harbinger of things to come. This is a test, to see if you will rise up against oppression, or stand by and let these people destroy you and everyone else, and soon (if they haven't already, with their vaxxines.) And the test is demonstrating that you will in fact sit by and let them destroy everyone so they can have their ocean front view (from their bunkers of course.)

I will die soon. My accomplishments are already mostly lost along with most of my tools and equipment specific to caring for my fragile health. The loss of my data, evidence, creations, works, contributions to humanity was already a heavy price on humanity. But if I perish, it will signal the end of humanity itself as I represent the only remaining signs of humanity on this planet. Your ignorance of my plight is not a metaphor for the plight of Palestinians, it is a reflection. My life, my being attacked, my losing everything and being essentially dead, is a metaphor for your fate.

But you can do something to save humanity by reaching out to save me.

At least I wont be around to suffer your fate if you don't.
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Tuesday, November 21, 2023, 12:22 AM
Posted by Administrator
I am unable to take care of myself. My caregiver is not up to the job and needs to be replaced. He is largely responsible for my situation after all and finds it "too difficult" to do what is necessary.

My benefits and literally everything I own is lost to me, underwater, stolen, previously stolen, or otherwise. I am a refugee because I was mistreated by Americans and the government, just like I am here because this place is run by and for Americans, but exclusively criminals.

Evidence is here at, and on

I am here in La Paz. I need help here in person and with publicity and fundraising.
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Livein Caregiver Needed 
Wednesday, November 8, 2023, 01:48 PM
Posted by Administrator
I am desperately seeking someone, with empathy, who can help me take care of myself.

My present livein caregiver thinks way too highly of himself, and he is far too self centered to be of any assistance to me.

I require a caregiver who wants to care, wants to see me be healthy, not someone who sees me as competition.

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Lost Everything in Norma, Thanks to US Consulate 
Tuesday, November 7, 2023, 10:22 PM
Posted by Administrator

I am ill. Dying.
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Evacuate La Paz!  
Sunday, August 6, 2023, 10:45 AM
Posted by Administrator
What I have been looking for in my weather preduction since arriving shortly after hurricane Odile in 2014 is the same pattern of storms which preceeded Odile.

The year so far has been unproductive and disorganized due to sheering forces because of the modified tropical jetstream, which has shielded us from serious hurricanes here since 2014.

The jetstream has moved into the intertropical convergence zone further east this year, creating chaos in the tropical storm nursery that spawns out storms.

Sea surface temperatures have been stable where they needed to fall, so storms that do form now will be strong.

Sheering forces are the biggest unknown, but I believe the possibility of a powerful tropical storm, likely a category 2 or higher hurricane, is a distinct probability, and that in fact, we will be lucky if we do not have a major hurricane strike La Paz.

Besides, the peso is shit right now.

Go home. Put your boat on the hard in Guaymas (Mazatlan may not exist past October) and go home where its safe.
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Alert: Sea of Cortez Extremely Hazardous Conditions 
Sunday, July 23, 2023, 07:03 AM
Posted by Administrator
DO NOT SAIL OR VOYAGE the Sea of Cortez if you cannot handle extreme weather conditions or can otherwise delay your travel until conditions improve.

The Sea of Cortez is at or above 32degC. In present conditions, even a small local low pressure system can lead to a severe thunderstorm outbreak.

Conditions are extreme and unpredictable.

Safe navigation is not reliably possible except in very high pressure conditions and only if local conditions cannot otherwise permit storm formation.

Do not take this warning lightly. People will die due to these conditions.
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Saturday, July 1, 2023, 09:27 PM
Posted by Administrator
Gone, per MY forecast, NOT the NHC's.

My hurricane forecast for the rest of the season will be provided privately to paid subscribers.

If you want the tropical weather forecast, it will be $100USD for a personal update of guaranteed accuracy.
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Beatrice Update 
Saturday, July 1, 2023, 11:48 AM
Posted by Administrator
Looks like we won't even see remnants, as Beatrice is bwing sheered while remaining over hot water near the coast south of Guadalajara.

Good job NHC!
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Friday, June 30, 2023, 04:25 PM
Posted by Administrator
NHC has their heads up their asses as usual.

A hurricane, once formed, will be steered mostly by water temperature.

Beatrice will hug the coast, remaining in warm waters until sheering forces which NHC believes will steer the storm, tear it apart.

La Paz will have upper level effects and some local thunderstorms possible.

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Selling Out: Seeking Agent, Publicist, Executive Producer 
Wednesday, December 28, 2022, 02:47 PM
Posted by Administrator

I am going to take the war against me to their battlefield and use their own weapons against them. This means you, cunts of the deep state/bureaucracy.

So, I am looking for sponsors, producers, publishers, as well as a publicist and manager to handle my media and online presence.

My preference is to work for agents of state or superstate actors. I will work for the US Government through appropriate channels, and I will tailor my content to suit their agenda.

To be clear, my agenda is simple: to find a few like minded people to join me in leaving and existing outside of society. I want the same thing those who have been censoring me want, to take people like myself out of society. You don't want us we don't want to be there.

So, now I can get paid to continue to do what I do and everyone can stop worrying about me being a threat to society.

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What Kind of Idiot Believes a Corrupt Government?  
Wednesday, July 27, 2022, 06:11 AM
Posted by Administrator
Everyone knows the government here is corrupt, just as they know the media is in on it. Not only that, but I make public my evidence which not only shows I am innocent, buy that it is they who are the criminals. No one seems to want to see my evidence, amd I KNOW no one wants to ask me what happened.

So, what do you think my opinion is of those who believe what they hear about me? What about believing so even in the face of contradictory evidence?

Obviously I think you are fucking idiots.

What you fail to realize is that you ARE idiots, and that I know it. It's not just my opinion, it happens to be a fact.

Hate me all you like, but do so in the conscious knowledge that its because I know what you really are. Hate me knowing that I know you are the one who should be hated.
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Tortured by Jews 
Monday, June 13, 2022, 08:18 PM
Posted by Administrator
My lawyers have confirmed to me that the owner of Marina Palmira, whose security guy (son I am told) killed my friend and illegally claims the property I claimed legally, is, along with Pedro Aguilar of Soccorr Aggressor and Cantamar Hotel and Buceos y Servicios BCS, paying to have me illegally detained and trying to have me imprisoned.

The owner of Marina Palmira, is a jew. A jew killed my friend, my dogs, and with the help of the US Consulate, had me and my caregiver illegally detained while Pedro Aguilar stole everytjing we owned.

So, jews are torturing innocent disabled American refugees and facilitating the theft of everything they own.

And you have the fucking nerve to accuse me of petty mindless mindsets like so-called "antisemitism". Do you even know what a semite is?

Jews as a culture and people are the single greatest threat to humanity and to society. When you find yourself being tortured to death and realize it was jews who did it to you, maybyou eill finally realize it was jews who made up the idea that there was something wrong with hating them.
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Friday, April 8, 2022, 02:46 AM - La Paz BCS
Posted by Administrator
Speed limit in the bay, in the anchorage, where people live, kayak, amd swim, is 5 knots, or 5 mph. No wake. No full throttle.

Yet I was thrown in jail, illegally, as sanctioned by the US Consulate, for saying something to the ones who speed by my vessel intentionally and too close.

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Almost Officially a Refugee!!!  
Thursday, April 7, 2022, 05:19 PM
Posted by Administrator
I came here in 2014 to apply for refuge.

A jew named Daniel Shroyer, son of the American Malcolm Neil Shroyer Schoen, founder of API, Mexico's port authority, told INM (immigration) to refuse me any legal rights to the refuge process and also told businesses in La Paz to refuse me services.

I applied again for refuge in 2019 through the Federal Defensoria.

Slow, but they have made progress.

This is the petiton being filed on my behalf, asking I be granted refuge because the government has refused to grant me the right to apply and have refused to process my application.

See for yourself: ... Final1.jpg ... Final2.jpg

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Deep State Loses Again 
Thursday, February 24, 2022, 08:37 AM
Posted by Administrator
The Deep State, which is nothing more than the mostly female bureaucrats of the US State Department, the same useless cunts who worked with corrupt Mexican officials to illegally detain me while everything I own was stolen, are presently being handed their asses by another genius, Vladimir Putin.

Its funny as hell to watch these people being made fools of and watching as some twenty years of efforts by the State Department to flood Ukraine with weapons and ideologies and mercenaries, years of expensive, painstaking efforts and preparations being blasted and destroyed in less than 24 hours, completely neutering US Deep State efforts to wage hybrid and proxy wars against Russia, which, by the way, is innocent of the aggressions claimed by US Deep State propaganda.

I know my friends in the US Consulate in Tijuana read my blog. So it gives me great pleasure to ensure those cunts know that they aren't just going to have their asses handed to them by Putin, because Putin is not the only genius they have grossly underestimated. They have made the same mistake with me.

Evacuate the Tijuana Consulate while you can... LOL

Here is a link to the video I recorded on 17 March 2014 wherein I was the first person to break the story that the Maidan coup was the work of the NED:

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