Celestial Navigation 
Sunday, December 19, 2021, 09:15 PM
Posted by Administrator
I glanced at a map of onjects in the solar system while reading about celestial mechanics and pondering celestial navigation and realized something: that I have a natural ability to see gravity and thus be able to visually navigate celestially without need for externalizations such as computers, visualizations, or even math.

I have not always understood the nature of even my oen genius, but I am certainly beginning to.

I am quite excited at the prospect of navigating the Universe by dead reckoning.

If only I can figure out how to escape the efforts of governments trying to kill me. Cunts.
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Speech, Freedom of Speech, and Propoganda 
Friday, November 26, 2021, 03:06 PM
Posted by Administrator
Speech does not come with it any expectation of acceptance.

Speech is merely the efforts to share thoughts, knowledge, and understanding. This speech does come with it however the reasonable expectation that it can be freely heard as it lacks any expectations.

Propoganda is speech that has expectations, which includes any and all speech that is paid for in some form or otherwise created with an expectation in mind, and should absolutely be censored, but by the individual and with full knowledge of the nature of the speech. Propoganda does include all books, as payment was rendered in some form for their creation. Books can include non propoganda but become such because payment was rendered for their creation and they lack any individual interaction.

Speech should be free of course. Propoganda should be labeled or known to be such so that ir can be appropriately treated.

That you are reading this at all, because I only wrote it here, is in fact propoganda. That does not demean its value, it merely advises you that it is not speech.
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The Reality of Our World...  
Friday, November 26, 2021, 01:15 AM
Posted by Administrator
If Iran were legitimately an enemy to Israel it would act on its threat to end Israel's existence.

I know for a fact this wont happen because Iran is controlled by Jews in reality just as almost every. other nation is (China being the major exceptjon). I tried to send my evidence that they control things to the Iranian embassy here. They laughed it off.
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Questions for Astrophysicists 
Wednesday, November 17, 2021, 08:34 PM
Posted by Administrator
I believe mass of bodies determines characteristics especially if star or not. As such, look at masses of twin stars and of planets in tight orbit. This should yield mass of transition to star. Mass of planet equates to fusion engine modified of course by composition. Big enough and fusion ignites atmosphere and gaseous giant duddenly becomes star.

Also cycle of star is to gather enough mass to become star, expel energy then mass, collapse and attract matter and not expel energy. A "white hole" then is nothing more than a star before collapsing into a black hole. It "ports" energy but only backwards through time, or firward depending upon how you look at it.
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I am Not the Only One...  
Sunday, November 7, 2021, 01:20 PM
Posted by Administrator

So the US has directed its client state to detain a journalist just for flying through the country to cover the elections in Nicaragua.



To what end?
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Why I Live on a Boat, 3 
Thursday, November 4, 2021, 12:27 PM
Posted by Administrator
I live on a boat because, unlike you, I like to make my life better for myself and those around me. Just as I did not accept what was taught in school to be the extent of my education, neither do I accept letting someone else, especially an anonymous, uncaring government care for my immediate environment.

In point of fact, I HAVE to live on a boat precisely because the environment in America is so awful. Just yesterday I saw a news story about how American tap water is a "cocktail of toxins" which I already knew long ago.

The problem isnt the government, the problem is you, sitting on your fat, lazy ass expecting someone else to "take care of it" even while touting how America is supposedly a democracy, which means self-governance, or getting off your fat lazy ass and doing it yourself.

So, again, the only reason I have to live on a boat, is because of your lazy, fat, ignorant, stupid, entitled, hypocritical ass.

And you wonder why I hate you?
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Supply Chain Problem (There is Only One)  
Sunday, October 31, 2021, 10:39 PM
Posted by Administrator
There is only one supply chain issue: it was broken, deliberately, as a planned action to destroy the supply chain and create inflation in globally shipped goods including food.

The global shipping industry operates (sorry, operated before the "pandemic") as an efficient machine as part of a true physical market where supply and demand determine the price. This means keeping operating costs as low as possible in order to compete. So ships run as often as possible except when in maintenance and there is alwsys just enough capacity on just enough ships to maintain global shipping.

But, a non-operating ship not only isn't making money, it costs money to maintain, and actually maintenance costs for an idle ship are higher than for one which is operating, so idle ships cost money.

At the beginning of the pandemic, this global shipping which had run smooth for decades, suddenly halted, leaving numerous ships idle. These were prompltly sold and many scrapped, reducing the shipping capacity.

The time it takes to restore that capacity is how long it takes to build replacement ships, measured in years.

These facts were known in advance. It is a fact that a globally intertwined society operating on such a narrowly efficient engine is going to suffer significantly from any major shocks which disrupt the normal flow and operation.

The supply chain crunch is an engineered event which preceeds the collapse of the present economic system in order to put into place a new system, one which likely doesn't include you!
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Fuck Your Worthless Perspective 
Saturday, October 23, 2021, 06:40 PM
Posted by Administrator
I am tired of giving people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to perspective. It is quite clear to me now that not a single goddam one of you pathetic fucking morons has the capability to see beyond your own limited, narrow perspective.

And not a single one of you reading this has a fucking clue what I am talking about.

Try smoking a lot of concentrated Salvia divinorum and maybe you will have the opportunity, if you allow yourself to that is, which I doubt since you so not CARE to see beyobd your limited selfish perpective.

What I am talking about is the basis from which you view everything. Being the self-centered pricl that you are, I cannot easily describe what I mean because you have never seen beyond your own perspective. But you can sure as hell try. So, imagine for a second you are Alec Baldwin, and you were just handed a gun that you were told by the on-set expert was "cold" as in safe to handle, and it wasn't and now you are standing there having just shot your friends, one of whom is dead.

How do YOU feel, being in that situation? Pretty scary? Anxious? Nervous? Sad? Worried?

But you should be doing this with everyone you meet, everyone you know, everyone you don't meet, and everyone you don't know. Thats right, the minute you read about Mr. Baldwin's situation you should be imagining you are him, whatever the circumstances are or could be, just as you should be imagining yourself in my situation.

But you don't because you can't because you are too busy worried about yourself and your problems to even have time to think about anyone else, much less their problems.

And so, we have a world where everyone needs help and no one offers or provides it because everyone is convinced that they need to only worry about themselves.

So, yeah... sorry I can't help you. I'm too busy with my problems.

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Why I Live on a Boat - Part 2 
Saturday, October 16, 2021, 03:53 PM
Posted by Administrator
My brain was damaged in 2004 by lead and other toxins during a housefire. As a result, I require a controlled environment, quiet, free of noise of people, and private so I did not have to deal with people if I did not want to. I had already been living in exclusively rural settings for 10 years when the fire happened, so accommodating this need was not that difficult, especially when I started receiving HUD benefits for housing

But, both the unfair (actually illegal) loss of my benefits, and the discovery of a dietary problem meant that my ability to live as I had been was no longer sustainable. I had already decided to leave the country if I could not restore my benefits, and even spent a year living off-grid, without buying anything from corporations, but could not fix my benefits issues or find a waumy to deal with living in America.

So I decided to leave. 45 days after that decision, I decided I would do so on my own sailboat. Less than two months later I was living on my boat, a perfect solution to all of my problems. A clean environment, fully unxer my control, I could move to anywhere and espscially to where no one else is, and which is self-contained and capable of fully supporting my health and well being.

So, here I am, still. Sort of...
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Why I Live on a Boat 
Monday, October 11, 2021, 11:53 AM
Posted by Administrator


You are domesticated.

You are stupid.

You do not have empathy and therefore are not human.

You have absolutely no consideration for anything other than your own transitive desires, that is, you only care about feeling good right now.

You cannot think, you can only believe and therefore you have no opinion, yet feel as though your opinion matters, as if you were actually in some kind of a democracy.

You believe rumors and never learn about who I really am, what kind of person I really am.

You are rude.

You are mean.

You have no future.

You are part of a herd.

You are a slave.

Your existence is a burden to everyone and everything.

You are a threat to the human species.

And I don't fucking like you. And I don't have to. In fact, I hate you, and I should.

Not a single one of you has ever lifted a finger to help someone else, and none of you fucking assholes has ever done anything but treat me like shit.

I live on a boat because unlike you, I am a human being, who has a perspective that considers everything, not just my own present feelings.

I live on a boat because I have a life and a future and will survive whatever your society does to you because I am not a slave to the assholes who have you covinced of whatever the fuck you idiots believe.

I LIVE on a boat.

You are waiting your turn to DIE.

That having been said, if by some fucking miracle this truthfully does not describe you, then why the fuck aren't you also living on a boat?


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Why You Should Care, and Why You Do Not 
Sunday, October 10, 2021, 07:32 AM
Posted by Administrator
You should care if you are a human being.

You do not care because you are not.

Human beings have empathy, a connection to other human beings through which we feel what others feel and are compelled to act as necessary according to what we feel. This is most commonly exemplified by yawning when someone else does. Your subconscious mind observes what someone else feels, and causes you to feel the same, causing you to act on what you now feel yourself.

But this is a skill thay must be learned, the brain must develop with these skills so that they are programmed, permanently in place in order to work on the subconscious level. Lacking an example or teacher to learn from, a person can develop without empathy.

Developing without empathy means the person is not compelled to act on the feelings of others, especially feelings of suffering. These people can observe the suffering of others, even babies, and not feel, as human beings naturally do, compelled to help, and are free to take advantage of that suffering.

These people exist in society, they invented it in fact. Society places no value in having empathy as evidenced by the lack of reward for it. The fact that those whom society does reward, the wealthiest, consistently lack empathy should be enough to confirm society was not made by or for natural human beings.

Sorry to bear such bad news, but truth can only help if survival is your concern. If it isn't, you probably shouldn't have wasted your time reading this... Oh well, at least you now know you aren't human. You don't havd to pretend anymore.
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What the Degradation of my Condition Means 
Tuesday, October 5, 2021, 08:50 AM
Posted by Administrator
My health is failing because of a set of circumstances which have a great deal to do with a genetic condition fron which I and only a handful of other people in the world suffer.

My body is missing a set of genes which normally allow my body to get rid of those kinds of toxins processed by the liver. These toxins accumulate in me, and poison me, depending upon which toxins accumulate and how much relative to toxicity.

What I can be sure of is degradation of my mental capabilities. There are certainly losses in physical and physiological capabilities, but mental facilities, being my strongest asset, are the most important concern I have.

I am only able to live in a clean environment I can control. Considering what was done to my boat by Pedro Aguilar and his hired federal police, I no longer have that available to me.

I am, as a result, slowly dying. Well, not so slowly at the moment...

Anyway, in case anyone cared to understand why I seem impatient.
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Pedro Alberto Bazua Aguilar - Enemy of Mexico, La Paz, and Me 
Tuesday, October 5, 2021, 08:16 AM
Posted by Administrator
The man who has used his influence and money to harm me, Pedro Alberto Bazua Aguilar (he has apparently changed it to Pedro Alberto Aguilar Bazua because his family does not want to be associated with him), has caused and continues to cause great harm to tourism here in La Paz.

Pedro took over management of Cantamar resort and marina in April 2015. I moved to Cantamar in August 2015. I lived there, every day, and was the only person at the resort every night for four years. I saw exactly how he ran his business and my opinion of Pedro is that he is hands down the stupidist businessman I have ever come across.

The harm he has caused is well documented (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg4iDqVuGKe3d_u1bbBNLoQ,http://disperser.info/Galleries/Cantamar/CantamarGallery.html), but the effects of the damage are far reaching. For example, there are no Chinese tourists here in La Paz and probably not anywhere in Mexico. This is because Pedro injured a Chibes tourist and being who he is, Pedro would have been able to avoid any responsibility for the injured tourist. The Chinese government likely then declared Mexico an unaafe destination, as it deserves, and thus Pedro is the reason no Chinese tourists spend their money here in Mexico.

And while the damages to the environment are well documented, the direct costs are not because Pedro, by his own ad. ission, launders all of his income, most of which comes from Soccorro Aggressor, the American-ma aged and booked dive boat, none of that income is documented and thus Pesro pays absolutely no taxes, mea ing not only does he not contribute anytbing to La Paz, but he takes from La Paz because this is where he launders his money and causes all the environmental and financial damage.

La Paz would be a lot better place for everyone if Pesro were in jail as he should be. That no one wanta to help put him in jail means they are his collaborators.
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Damages to the boat 
Monday, October 4, 2021, 02:39 AM
Posted by Administrator
Twice now our boat was entered and things stolen and damaged. Both times were caught on video, and at this point they do not know this fact. The second time was by police including federal police.

Here is a liat of damages, prepared as a list of reasons why we cannot live on the boat.

Reasons why unable to live on boat:

Cannot sleep in mess
Cannot cook
Cannot store food, no electricity, no freezer
Lights damaged, not all working
No flashlights
No desk
No laptop
No first aid
No citrus pectin
Computers destroyed
Tools stolen including all multimeters
Missing items for securing deck
Missing spare/emergency anchoring equipment
Most rope and chain gone
Cannot keep dog on boat
Cannot feed dog
No dinghy
No oars for spare dinghy
No water
No garrafons for water
No way to transport water
No water dispenser
No useable vehicle (no windows, other destroyed)
Estimate for repairs: two months minimum, $10,000USD cost
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Whats Going On 
Saturday, October 2, 2021, 12:31 PM
Posted by Administrator
We are being harassed by privately hired officials, specifically state and federal police, whom have used violence and broken every law there is to harm me and steal from me and have rendered my boat unliveable.

I can no longer describe events as I am far too overwhelmed by them. I shall attemp to do so on video.

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