The Rich Are Buying History 
Sunday, July 26, 2020, 12:54 PM
Posted by Administrator
The only conspiracy that exists is the one to convince people that conspiracies exist in order to distract people with the idea of a conspiracy theory instead of paying attention to the cooperative efforts of greedy, self-interested, pathologically self-centered people who sometimes just happen to use the same means to achieve the same goal of self-enrichment.

What I write here are my observations and conclusions. Nothing more, nothing less.

The wealthy elite have a lot of money to spend. And they love to spend it. But something odd is happening: Wealthy people are buying Nazi memorabilia for outrageously inflated prices and donating it to Jewish organizations.

The rich didn't get that way by making poor financial decisions. Collecting has its benefits, and often those benefits are in fact financial. But buying something and giving it away is purely financial investment in virtue-signalling.

But what about buying artifacts for the express purpose of ensuring their destruction, at least in the sense of the market? Obviously, Jewish organizations which receive Nazi artifacts aren't going to sell them for financial gain. They are therefore in essence destroyed from the perspective of and therefore market of potential collectors.

This is buying history so it can be destroyed. Whether you agree with it or not, it is using money essentially exploited from you to erase history - much like you or people like you are being physically exploited by the Black Lives Matter organization in order to do it's bidding of erasing history.

I make this observation for one reason: to demonstrate the absurdity of the entire notion of wealth. Wealth, strictly defined, is the accumulated ability to create. The wealthiest a person can be is to be able to make things from thin air. In a society where the wealthiest you can be is to have as much money as can be, it should be obvious that what the society values more is the accumulation of a substitute for the actual ability to create.

I make this observation so that hopefully you can draw the same conclusion I have: that wealth has nothing to do with money and because society values a figment over reality; that society has no credibility in reality and therefore exists only as a concept.

Do be careful in drawing conclusions here as you may find that you yourself have no value in reality if you are one who has built yourself - or rather let yourself be built - wholly in concept rather than in reality.

I reason, therefore I exist in reality.

Imaginging you exist in concept only gives you no place in reality. If you are one who chooses what to believe, as most people do and therefore most likely you do whether you believe or will admit it or not; you exist only in concept. It's not too late to wake up to reality and manifest yourself as something more than just a concept.
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Can Fossil Fuels be Used to Undo Climate Change? 
Sunday, July 19, 2020, 02:03 PM
Posted by Administrator

You betcha!

This article started out as a question of being able to sustainably use fossil fuels in light of the impact of conversion to non-fossil fuel energy would have if the world decided to simply dump fossil fuels one day.

All those people working in fossil fuels don't have to be out of jobs. In fact, there could be a lot more people working in the industry and on those oil fields if mankind decided to use fossil fuels intelligently.

What is wrong with fossil fuels is the pollution created in their use. We extract oil from below the surface of the planet, and that's it. We pull it out, modify it, change it, burn it, convert it to something else, and leave it out of the ground – most of which goes into our atmosphere as the fossil fuels are merely oxidized (burned.)

But an intelligent way to use fossil fuels is certainly possible.

What do we use fossil fuels for? Plastics, and fuel. Mostly fuel. Plastics are a side effect of having to do something with the heavy components which cannot be easily oxidized. So we mostly use oil for it's energy.

So why do we need to extract oil? Why not simply extract the energy and leave everything else underground? That seems like quite an intelligent thing to do.

The concept is simple: make power plants that utilize fossil fuels and locate the power plants at the oil fields, at the source. So, instead of transporting all that oil and fuel around the world and the dangers it entails; why not run power lines instead of pipelines and send absolutely pure, clean, “green” energy from the sources of oil to the people who need it's energy?

But here's the clincher: There are a lot of oil wells, with a lot of oil in them, far more than we could ever use the energy from today. But instead of using that “free” energy to fuel our society and it's wanton destruction of our planet even further, why don't we take advantage of the opportunity and actually use fossil fuels to gather up the pollutants created by our past fossil fuel use, and put those pollutants back in the ground along with the waste products now created by this proposed sustainable use of fossil fuels.

Why not?

Because there is no motivation to fix the problems society has created, because society is run by greedy rich people who don't care about the planet, the future, or you.

Maybe we should have someone else in charge for a change?
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Could Trump Pull the US Out of NATO? 
Saturday, July 11, 2020, 09:23 AM
Posted by Administrator

In short, Yes.

Trump is a deal maker. Trump is also a gambler; something people forget when considering his business empire which includes his casino. And, as I believe his tax records will demonstrate, he is the head of a kingdom - his own - which he destroyed financially.

These are, to me, indicators of a man willing to do what it takes the get the deal done. And in his case, his being president is the deal.

So, we must ask ourselves, would Trump's chances of being perceived of as popular enough to win the election motivate him to pull the US out of NATO?

What I am asking myself is, under what circumstances would Trump do this. And I believe he would do so at the last minute - before October (so it cannot be called an "October surprise"), and that he would ultimately change his mind, or if he were able to do so soon enough (next week?) that he might pull off getting NATO members to pay up as he's been demanding.

My observation, one I am certain is shared by many, is that Trump cares about one thing: Trump. Consider that when pondering whether or not the man in the Whitehouse might not do something "crazy" like pull the US out of NATO and risk destroying a long tradition of using Russia as a bogeyman to create fear in the voters.

There is another question I am asking myself, as a poker player: what will Trump do if his bluff is called?
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Analysis of BLM Protests in America 
Tuesday, July 7, 2020, 01:21 AM
Posted by Administrator
In April 2014, I made history as a journalist, being the first to have discovered and reported on the regime change operation ongoing in Ukraine. It would be several WEEKS before any other news outlet would report on this.

My research followed USAID and the NED, the National Endownment for Democracy. Here, the Democrats and Republicans work together in harmoney waging unconventional warfare against unsuspecting nations using diplomatic cover.

In the Ukraine for example, the NED organized the protests as well as the counter protests and arranged for snipers to kill protesters in order to facilitate agitation of events, to step up the violence.

The tactics used by the NED are well documented throughout their history of operation. Primarily, they work with non-profit organizations in order to foment anger at the government. These non-profits will then recruit protesters and even go so far as to train them and provide signs and even protest materials even going so far as to provide weapons such as molatov cocktains and even guns. They create unrest which turns to violence in order to amplify the opposition voice and cause an electoral or other form of coup to topple the existing regime and replace it with one of their own.

And this is precisely what is going on in America right now.

Black Lives Matter has been hijacked by what we can all agree now is the "deep state" and is being used to foment a regime change operation in America. And this is being conducted by the Democratic AND Republican parties.

What's especially sick about this effort is that racism is being used as an issue where it is not the issue. As I argued in an earlier blog entry (, cops killing unarmed black people isn't a racism issue; it's a power issue that just happens to coincide with racism which is prevelant among police officers.

The issue of race is being thrust into people's faces as being the problem where it is not. And in doing so, it creates a racial element where there was none. Most people know that cops don't kill unarmed black people just because they're black but rather because they can get away with it. And that's the problem - that police officers are executing state power with fatal results against citizens of a supposedly free nation, and are not held to account.

And when you tell people, especially non-blacks who are family of victims of police impunity, that the issue is one of race, those people, myself included as a near-victim of this impunity, will flatly reject the notion of racism.

But now you have black people being empowered by a false notion of racism behind the issue which is really state power and impunity in its execution. And so you have actual racially motivated behavior, behavior that is fomented by corporate virtue-signalling.

So now you have the public perception that the whole issue is about race, allowing the government to freely get away with whatever it wants because it has successfully distracted the people from the real issue.

In the meantime, people are at each others' throats, racial issues which weren't an issue at all are not causing violence and fatalities nationwide. People are at each others' throats, and racial tensions are at an all time high.

America is in flames, people are at each others throats, and why? Because Hilary Clinton and her ilk can't get over the fact that a dumb, ugly, stupid, failed real estate mogul turned reality TV star showed her up and took her planned position of power over an American people dumb enough to think anything good about a cunt like that.

Just in case you thought anything about all of this was about you. You're just fodder folks. Get over yourselves and stop letting yourself be hoodwinked by everyone.
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Welcome to the New, Covid-19 World 
Monday, July 6, 2020, 03:04 PM
Posted by Administrator
It's official folks, COVID-19 is here to stay. It is not going to go away, ever.

Evidence is pouring in and while science is busy using their training to procedurally analyze the data - assuming they are trying to do so - I have already analyzed the data and come to a preliminary conclusion.

Sars-Cov-2, the virus which causes COVID-19, is a coronavirus. And like all coronaviri, it cannot be vaccinated against. But, unlike, for example, Sars-Cov-1, Sars-Cov-2 cannot be eliminated and will remain circulating through the population forever.

Study after study shows that infection is far more widespread than assumed, than "should be" based on the notion of lockdowns actually working (a laugable assumption from a scientific perspective mind you). Yet while more and more of the population are found to have been infected, few people retain antibodies, which means, the virus will always remain a threat because it cannot be vaccinated for.

We know this because the antibodies are disappearing from people who have been infected. Those who survived, which comprises the vast majority, should have immunity to COVID-19, represented by the presence of antibodies for the virus. But while initially present, they are disappearing, which means the body will not permanently remember the virus and will have to go through the process of making new antibodies once exposed to the virus again.

What a vaccine does is mimick exposure by presenting either pieces of the virus or an "attentuated" version of it, a live virus that has been selectively altered to ensure it looks like the virus to the immune system but doesn't act like the virus. This allows the body to make antibodies, which are supposed to remain.

That our bodies are not making the kinds of antibodies that remain to fight off the virus means two things: we will always be susecptible to COVID-19; and we will only have to worry about it if our immune systems cannot handle what is otherwise a very simple virus any healthy immune system can handle.

What we have here, with Sars-Cov-1, is a new version of the common cold that kills people who are exposed to it and whose immune systems have failed. It just means that people who can't survive on their own, won't if exposed to this virus. In other words, it means that people whose lives are supported by medical support due to an absence of a functional immune system aren't going to continue to live on that medical support.

In the end, it really just means fewer people living out the ends of their lives in hospitals and hospices under the care of the medical industry.
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Solving America 
Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 08:38 AM
Posted by Administrator
America is a unique nation.

Here is a nation which is unique in that, built into the founding laws of the country, the citizens can band together to form militias to oversee their own safety; yet no one does.

In America right now, these first months of 2020, if you weren't aware; Democratic party affiliated and supporting persons and entities have organized gullible masses of people to participate in demonstrations and riots while Republicans and their supporters have sparked violence and both have fanned the flames of racial tension to incredible heights; all documented steps in their very own regime change operations used to, per their words, "spread democracy" around the world.

But America neither has nor advocates Democracy, it advocates and shoves capitalism down the throats of everyone, including her own people.

But there is a solution, built into America's founding documents and enshrined in her most fundamental laws. There can actually be Democracy in America. There is only one problem: Democracy requires participation of the citizenry of a nation. Americans aren't known for doing things for themselves. America is a full service nation, full of people who expect full service, who are now demanding it in the streets - though only at the behest of those similarly motivated enough to organize them.

But if Americans could, a solution is quite easily and handily available. Two simple things are all that need to happen; both of which however require all citizens to participate at some level:

The first is citizen militias. America was founded by citizen militias. People who banded together and used their weapons to fight the oppression of a controlling central government located on a faraway island. The US Constitution memorializes this fact and suggests a path to maintain freedom in the second amendment, which states that "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.) So if a militia is necessary to maintain the freedom of the state, where are those militia?

The answer is, people assume that the National Guard is their militia. But who was called upon to put down the rioters who were organized from the people? And how many regular people join the National Guard? And does the National Guard really represent the people, or the government? Considering that after a tank was stolen from the National Guard in San Diego and subsequently their tanks were ordered seized and dumped in the ocean, and that the second amendment says the government can't restrict arms ownership by citizen militias, that would either mean that the government violated the Constitution, or more likely, the National Guard isn't a citizen's militia, but a government military that actually polices the people!

No, people have to form their own militias. These militia should be in charge of policing, not a private, government, corporate police force (most cities are in fact corporations). Instead of organizing demostrations and riots, why aren't people organizing militias?

The answer perhaps lies in the second solution; a citizen's government using existing infrastructure. In this scenario, the jury pool is used to select potential candidates for US Congress, the House of Representatives specifically (the Senate could be chosen through a Jury pool, but only on a state level per the Constitution), who, just like jury duty, have a duty to fulfill as citizens in a citizen-governed political system (Democracy) and can choose not to fulfill that duty for whatever reason.

From these two simmple ideas there is an easy solution to everything that is wrong in America. Imagine if people formed militias, replaced police forces, and then replaced Congress with people elected from candidates chosen from the jury pool or something similar. As soon as the government was seated, you would have a true democracy, and for the first time since the founding of America at that.

Clearly this is possible from a technical standpoint. But equally clearly is that it will never happen precisely because of how divided America is. Militias wouldn't form to oversee security and maintain justice; but to enact revenge or to attack their perceived enemy.

This is and could only be a problem because people in America are not allowed to think for themselves. Censorship, "cancel culture", "gatekeeping", labeling someone racist, "deplatforming" people for their views - these are all meant to stifle free speech - under the guise of supposedly protecting the vulnerable from hate speech. America is a democracy, government therefore is largely self-service, meaning waiting for someone to protect you from someone else's views is beyond the mandate of the nation, and thus the individual's responsibility. Free speech trumps personal sensitivities.

As long as Americans are lead in how they think, there can never be either democracy nor freedom; except for those who maintain the military and police that is.
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Why Trump is the Best Pick for President in 2020 
Monday, June 29, 2020, 04:08 PM
Posted by Administrator
Donald J. Trump, who has done more to destroy the standing and physical, social, and political infrastructure of the United States of America than any person, entity, act, or event since the American Civil War, is now the ideal candidate to oversea America in it's present state.

Allow me to explain:

Trump has a great deal of experience dealing with empires he has destroyed. His father gave to him a vast real-estate empire. Trump destroyed it. And yet, he was able to maintain that empire despite gutting it financially and otherwise. Trump turned it around, made a name for himself out of it, and became President of the United States of America.

Plus, it was, after all, Trump himself who gutted the empire he sits atop. As such, who could possibly be more qualfied to run an empire Trump has destroyed when no one else has the same experience Trump has.

Yes, Trump destroyed the empire his father gave him, just as he destroyed the American empire. But what he created in place of what he destroyed with his own empire speaks volumes to his capabilities with this empire he has now destroyed.

We all know Trump's retention of the presidency is an inevitability. And if you can't think of Trump's being President again a good thing in termms of his being uniquely qualified; then perhaps you might just consider it a good punishment that he be given charge of the country for another four years because that way, he can prove himself, and if he can't, he will certainly take the Republican party down with him.

I think I might just break my America boycot and vote for Trump. I know he cannot possibly repair the damage he did and restore America to it's former "glory," but I'm sure interested in seeing what he does with America as his personal ego toy.
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I Almost Died at the Hands of US Police 
Saturday, June 20, 2020, 07:01 PM
Posted by Administrator
In early 2012, I was forced to contact the FBI and Humboldt County Drug Enforcement Task Force (after being told by the CHP and the actual Sheriff of Humboldt County himself that no such entity existed) in order to mitigate the numerous incidents of myself and my neighbors nearly be killed by San Diego residents who were working for an illegal marijuana farm 2 miles from my home on Johnson's Road in Humboldt County.

The operation was busted, but present at the bust was a plain clothes officer whose face I would never forget and would unfortunatley see again soon.

Not long after, I was told that my life was under threat by the people who ran the marijuana farm. They had been told by the federal officer that I turned them in. This officer then looked up my information through his access to the NSA database, found my email address and other information, found out I had purchased a pistol and not registered it, and that I was selling my car.

He contacted me under false pretenses to view the car, never showed up of course, and was lying in wait for me in the redwood forests he patrolled (Forest Service Officer), and was planning to murder me and use the excuse that I had an illegal pistol on me.

Well, I'm not as stupid as he assumed, and he couldn't even find my pistol at first; which I had placed in my car to protect me from the marijuana growers who had threatened my life, and because the sheriffs and FBI both refused to even respond to my messages that I was being threatened.

I was pulled over on a dirt road, M4A1's painted in camoflauge were drawn with round chambered. When they discovered I did not have the pistol they assumed I had, you could see the disappointment in the eyes of this man I then realized had been protecting the marijuana farm, and privately profiting from it.

This event happened after I had already decided that I wanted to leave the country; a decision I was to finalize the first of June. I decided on July 15th to sail myself to freedom, so I would never have to deal with a corrupt American law enforcement officer; which all of them are, completely and totally.

America is lost. There is no freedom, only privilege that you simply haven't lost...yet.
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Killing by Cops is Not Racism 
Thursday, June 18, 2020, 10:23 AM
Posted by Administrator
The protests in America are not about racism.

Racism does not cause cops to kill black people. There is another, more sinister problem afoot and no one seems to notice that it is really what most people are upset about and have taken to the streets to express.

Cops are not just wrongfully killing unarmed black people; they are just killing disporportionately more black people than other races. The problem, which is staring you right in the face, is that cops are killing unarmed people.


Why would a cop shoot a man in the back three times after being shot at by your own taser taken by the man running away from you?

Because you are pissed off.

So is this a question of a less-armed black man, or of a cop who has used his badge and position of authority and trust to enact personal revenge in a moment of anger?

What is the expectation of society, what is YOUR expectation of the behavior of police in a situation which can get emotional? Do you not expect objective treatment of the situation and people, a presumption of innocence, and a desire to peacefully resolve a matter? Or do you expect the cops to shoot anyone who doesn't behave as they are expected to?

Cops have a warrior mentality because the vast majority are ex-military fresh from US military adventurism abroad; unecessary and costly conflicts which give us military training and a military mindset in what is supposed to be an officer of peace.

And yes, some people, disproportinately black people, also have a warrior mindset, which leads to elevated emotions which = sometimes leads to violent responses.

Who is paid to not have that mindset, to rise above their emotions, to understand that they are going to be taunted, to be trained how to ignore it? Black people? Or perhaps cops?

What you are seeing then, are not protests against the killing of 7 times more black people than white people by cops; what you are seeing are protests against the use of state power to enact personal revenge and other excesses and abuses of the state against the people, against YOU.

You aren't out there protesting too because you believe these protests are about something you don't believe is really a problem.

Do you really believe police killing unarmed people isn't a problem?

Are you sure you shouldn't be out trying to tell your government to stop abusing it's power to keep you down and help the rich take from you?

You could always just assume someone else will figure it out.

Maybe you should stop just believing and start actually thinking?...!
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Trump's Secret Revealed 
Monday, June 15, 2020, 08:14 PM
Posted by Administrator
I am a very highly empathetic person. Empathy is an important skill that actually defines human beings. Unfortunatley, society doesn't promote empathy, so my level of empathy, which is actually probably below normal, is extremely high relative to most people and thus incomprehensible by most of you reading this. So, it begs a little explanation.

Empathy allows me to read people's minds.

Empathy is not magic, except for one simple element that most people are incapable of: putting yourself in someone else's shoes, or more accurately, taking their perspective, putting yourself into their mind.

In doing so, it is only then a matter of observation and fitting those observations to the subject considering context and determing what the person is actually thinking based on their body language and the whole of their social presence and prior communications.

In this case, I can easily read the mind of Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America, with regards to one specific thing that belies his entire presidency:

Donald J. Trump is a money-grubbing miser who destroyed his own financial empire and is doing the same to America.

Every other president in modern US history has used the immense power of the US Dollar to get things done, including buying influence. These people were all very powerful people who were accustomed to throwing money at problems. Every single modern president was wealthy and born into it and thus lived a life where money was no object.

Why then, is Trump, who was also born into wealth, treating the US budget as though it doesn't really exist. Why does it seem like he is trying to cut costs, save American expenses in foreign entities, agencies, and even wars?

That question is best answered with another question: Why didn't Donald J. Trump release his tax returns or otherwise show his financial records, as every other President has done?

The answer is, because Trump is broke, has been for a long time, and is accustome to cutting costs and trying to get people to pay their bills to him because he personally lives on the financial edge. Trump is not wealthy. He just has a hell of a lot more debt than most people. And his behavior is the same as it has been since he inherited his wealth and squandered it, and he is in the process of financially gutting the United States of America while simultaneously pissing off every nation, institution, and organization around the world which as depended in some manner on the status-quo of American wealth financing the world's goings on.

Whatever your opinion of Donald J. Trump; he is a poor businessman which translates into him being a horrible statesman who just happens to hold the reins of the most powerful economic engine on the planet...

Oh wait, he's been at the helm so long, he's lost the US it's position as the global economic leader and in a fit of complete and utter irony, has handed that title to the People's Republic of China.

Oh well, at least I can buy things from China directly now.

Thanks Trump!

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What's Wrong with America and How to Fix it 
Thursday, June 4, 2020, 06:40 PM
Posted by Administrator

America was founded on lies and deceit by opposing factions who remain at odds and which continue to jeopardize America today. These two factions are today represented by Democrats and Republicans, but the ideology is entirely based in racist slavery.

The two sides were at odds even at the founding of America as evidenced by founding documents and historical records which seem to contradict the wording of these documents. The most meaningful and representative example is the statement in the Declaration of Independence that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal” and the contradictory policies at the founding of America which clearly stated that all men were not created equal. Considering that at the founding of America, only white male Christian landowners were given the vote as well as counted in the census; it is clear that what the founding fathers meant by “all men are created equal” was that all white christian landowning males were created equal, and no one else was.

Further evidence of this glaring hypocrisy of the founding documents and policy in America is the fact that the Bill of Rights is represented by amendments to the Constitution, as in, they were added after the fact.

Based on this fact alone, an entire group of Americans, Republicans today, believe that the founding documents of America enshrined white privilege.

The other group has been fighting these people since long before the founding of America. These people largely stood against or did not support slavery. These people fought to enshrine rights into America's founding documents in order to ensure that everyone had a right.

So why the fighting? Why can't Republicans accept that the Constitution says “all men” regardless of what was policy at the time? And what's in it for Democrats and why haven't they succeeded in ensuring the rights of all Americans after 246 years of trying?

Republicans represent the people who fought to found America, as a paradise for white male privilege because they were tired of being told they could not be wealthy or own land in Europe or England because they were not royalty, and they exist to fight to keep things as they were, and they will use whatever means, exploit whatever peoples, and co-opt any movement they see fit in order to further their agenda; which is not to uphold their politics, but to PROFIT from upholding their politics.

Democrats then represent the people who fought to ensure America was founded for everyone, not just white males. These people came to America seeking freedom of expression, of religion, and from oppression. And they exist to fight to keep things they way they are and will use whatever means, exploit whatever peoples, and co-opt any movement they see fit in order to further their agenda; which is not to uphold their politics, but to PROFIT from upholding their politics.

One thing to note about these two factions is that one of these factions is what is called the “Deep State.” That is no more than the bulk of the bureaucracy, the unelected federal officials, primarily in the US State Department; where they actually work hand in glove with Republicans!

Perhaps now it is possible for you to understand why Republicans seem racist but why Democrats seem no better and more importantly; why neither seems to be able to get anything done. On the contrary, both are very well experienced and exceptionally efficient at what they do.

Oh to fix it?

I would propose the creation of two separate nations, none of which should be allowed to possess militaries: the Capitalist States of America, and the Socialist States of America, and let people freely move between the two and place them under a far less powerful federal government which runs on the same partisan bullshit concensus that exists now.

As for what you can do, start or join a militia. Then demand your militia take over local law enforcement duties.
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Donald J. Trump versus the Deep State 
Saturday, May 30, 2020, 12:00 AM
Posted by Administrator
First and foremost, I am not picking sides. In my view, Trump and the "deep state" are two sides of the same coin.

I just read about the transcripts of the Michael Flynn conversation with the Russian Ambassador before Trump took office. From this, and Trump's actions against social media corporations which have been censoring and silencing anyone whose opinion does not mesh with that of the deep state, I now have a more complete understanding of Trump as well as the deep state and their interrelationship.

First, both are the same in their unflinching and ummoving desire and efforts to please not American citizens, but Israeli lobbyists and other zionists.

In this regard, both the deep state, and Trump and anyone on his 'side' also fighting against the deep state are of the same breed: greedy, self-interested people who have sold out their nation in order to please their zionist masters.

What is different between the two is now borne out as the truth: that the deep state has used it's resources to counter Trump, except in their mutual ass-kissing of Israel, simply because they have a personal social issue with Trump.

I know of this feeling all too well. I am treated precisely the same way by the deep state. The deep state, by the way, is actually the US State Department's bureaucracy as well as some other bureaucrats - unelected government employees who have taken it upon themselves to function in the capacity that would otherwise be held by elected, and therefore publicly accountable people.

Donald Trump then, is fighting a good fight, though certainly not THE good fight. But, let's get one thing clear: Just as Trump is NOT on my side, despite his efforts to go after the social media giants for their actions which have also adversely affected me, Trump is not on your side either. Trump isn't on anyone's side except Trump's.

Trump is of course a psychopath, a person without empathy and for whom no one else exists except himself. Everyone on this planet is an object to be used to further Trump's personal agenda for himself. But at the same time, he also has a pressing need to impress everyone around him. This spells a disaster when set against the awesome power of the deep state because it means war, and that means casualties, which means you.

So don't you dare cheer Trump for his efforts against the deep state, just as you shouldn't be cheering the efforts of the deep state against Trump. They are two sides of the same corrupt coin and in their mind, you are nothing. Period.
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Even Trump Can Be Right Once 
Thursday, May 28, 2020, 11:07 PM
Posted by Administrator
Like a room full of monkeys operating typewriters, enough time has passed that something good has come off of the desk of Donald J. Trump, who holds the title of President of the United States (holds the title, not is...big difference, if he WAS president, he would ACT ACCORDINGLY - mature anyone?).

The link below is to an executive order which represents the first decent thing Trump has done during his tenure:

This executive order is not a law, as the president cannot make law, he is an executive officer, which means he EXECUTES the law, as in he DOES WHAT CONGRESS TELLS HIM TO DO.

But the law is not being applied fairly or accurately. 47 USC 203 C 1 states that online content providers (social media platforms) are free from liability for the content they provide IF they remove such content that is deemed offensive or otherwise illegal.

What Trump has done is to instruct the US Department of Justice, a part of the EXECUTIVE branch of the government, to clarify the law in terms of its application. What he has specifically done is to instruct the DOJ to investigate whether or not the law is being applied correctly, or used as a means to cover up censorship. He has done so by instructing the DOJ to define, properly, those who censor for political or other purposes as PUBLISHERS as the law stipulates, rather than letting them get away with calling themselves content providers.

The fact that Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms can censor political speech, which I am a victim of, makes them publishers because they control the content you read. If they take down my videos, suppress them in search results, remove my journalistic articles, take down my Facebook page, and any of the other acts of censorship committed against me, they are publishers and they are not protected from liability.

That means that Mr. Trump has opened the door for people like me to sue the fuck out of companies like Google, Facebook, and others, and to win in doing so.

So, Trump finally did something right.


Because it was the right thing to do?

No. Because it happened to him, finally. Twitter endowed one or two of Trump's tweets as questionable and Trump blew his stack and went after the social media platforms, not because they are doing something wrong to Americans, but because they did something wrong to HIM.

You who believe Trump is anything but a selfish, shallow, stupid prick - you need to be taken out and fucking shot for being a stupid, shallow, selfish prick yourself.
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What Is COVID-19 
Friday, May 1, 2020, 07:11 PM
Posted by Administrator
What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a disease caused by a novel coronavirus first encountered in Wuhan China, but which likely originated either in Southern China, or elsewhere, perhaps San Fancisco, California.

COVID-19 is not an inevitable result of the novel coronavirus. Let's be perfectly clear in this distinction. Having the novel coronavirus in you does not mean you have COVID-19. People do not die from the virus, they die from a disease caused by the virus. And in fact, no one has died from either the coronavirus nor COVID-19! This is evidenced by the fact that all who die with the virus in them had underlying health issues.

In other words, neither the novel coronavirus, nor COVID-19 actually kills anyone.

That's right, there are zero fatalities caused by the coronavirus or COVID-19.

Let's examine this in detail:

The virus cannot kill. It's mechanism is to reproduce using the body's own resources. What it does however; is overwhelm the body of those whose immune systems are compromised to the point their body cannot protect against a very basic and otherwise common virus.

These viral infections kill people like this all the time. In fact, it is the leading cause of death in the same people who are supposedly dying of COVID-19. When your body's immune system fails, your health becomes frail, and you simply die of something your body would have otherwise been able to protect you from. People with underlying health problems are not strong enough to deal with their health problems and a viral infection or secondary bacterial infection. So when you hear about people dying of “natural causes,” this is what they mean: the common cold, influenza, pneumonia, even heart failure are not what kills, it is the fact that the body was unable to protect from these infections that caused their death.

But what about all these people who ARE dying?

They are not dying of the coronavirus. They were already dead. What they are dying of is the medical industry's inability to continue to sustain their life beyond it's natural term. People who die of coronavirus are already patients, already under medical care for other conditions, conditions which are dangerous to their life if not treated. So all that is really happening is they can no longer be treated for the condition they have because the medical industry has already done all it can.

Notice a few things about those who are dying:

1. They all have comorbidities, that is, underlying health issues.
2. Most, if not all, die in hospitals or care homes; where they already were for other reasons.
3. The average age of those who die is only slightly lower, about 2 years, than the average life expectancy of the country or region they live in or ethnic group they belong to.

COVID-19 does not kill, it shortens lives.

What then are people afraid of?

Their own lifestyles!

We are not being imprisoned in our homes to protect us from a dangerous virus. We are being imprisoned in our homes to protect those who do not live a healthy lifestyle from succumbing to that lifestyle because the medical industry has yet to accommodate their unhealthy lifestyle against all potential dangers, including things like this novel coronavirus.

Society is addicted to healthcare, and as a result, is hopelessly dependent upon the healthcare system, which cannot handle actual health matters as is being proven out by the COVID-19 “pandemic.”

So what is happening? Why all the deaths? Why all the fuss? And why are we being locked down in our homes?

The fact is, the healthcare system cannot handle the flood of failures of the healthcare system. People are complaining that the healthcare system should be able to handle a pandemic. This is far from the truth. Individual health is far more important in fighting against a virus, and the medical industry is functioning precisely as it was designed – as a center for profit.

What the medical industry is faced with is its own failure. Health people are not dying from the coronavirus. People who are under the “care” of the for-profit medical industry are dying of complications of their healthcare and the lack of the medical industry to actually care for health instead of sustaining their profit by keeping people profoundly unhealthy.

And this is key folks. We are suffering, in near-universal prison-like conditions, because the healthcare system was designed for profit, not for caring for people. It is far more profitable to sustain the health of a sick person than it is to either cure them, or let them die of natural causes because their bodies can no longer sustain their health.

Do you need to fear the coronavirus or COVID-19? Absolutely not. The virus itself cannot hurt you.

What do you need to fear? Your healthcare! And you should probably stop trusting the healthcare system to do anything but profit from your misery, because in a system where money is the basis, human life has less priority. And even those in socialist countries with free healthcare need to be aware that their doctors are paid for the work they do, not the results they get. Sicker people pay better, even in Sweden.
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How I Will Survive Coronavirus (and Most Other Viri) 
Saturday, April 11, 2020, 10:37 PM
Posted by Administrator
The coronavirus behind COVID-19 is causing some deaths. While the number is extremely low, on par with a strong strain of influenza, it is nevertheless something that has, for some reason, become of concern to governments and powerful people of this world.


Because they are not healthy.

I am however, and as a result, I will survive the coronavirus.

To what do I owe my confidence in beating the coronavirus?

My good health, my strong immune system, and the fact that I know my body produces antibodies at a very high rate, quite sufficient to fight even a stronger virus that this little coronavirus.

Knowing my body is paramount to my health. And in this case, understanding my body's production of antibodies is paramount to understanding whether or not I am susceptible to the virus, for antibodies are the mechanism by which the body's immune system fights off a viral invasion of the body.

I smoke cannabis and in doing so, intake into my body foreign contaminants including chemicals which my body recognizes and needs to remove from my body, including THC, CBD, and the many terpines in my medicine. I also smoke Salvia divinorum on occasion and know from experience that use of Salvia divinorum requires a healthy immune system to create the antibodies necessary to remove salvinorin A and other active chemicals from my body after I have smoked. I know this because within 30 minutes of smoking, even if I have urinated previously, I need to urinate again and am thirsty. This is because my body has produced antibodies which triggers my kidneys to remove them which it does through urine.

And these days, my body is still producing antibodies quite well. So I am unconcerned about coronavirus because I know my body will produce the antibodies in sufficient quantity to fight off this virus.

Now, how have I managed to ensure my immune system can handle this virus?

That's not as simple, at least from your perspective. For me, it's not something I need to concern myself with because your immune health is primarily affected by your diet and environment, and my environment is under my control (I live on a ship), and my diet is as pure as can possibly be as I eat only red meat and drink only water and mineral water.

Why this is important is something I may be alone in understanding. I am a genius, and I suffer from a condition which requires extreme accommodation to allow me to just survive. While this may sound like my health is fragile, it is not, it is merely sensitive to toxins in the environment and in my food.

What it truly means is that I have discovered that our food is a source of problems, specifically to our immune system. In eliminating foods I was becoming sensitive to starting in 2010 when I first noticed symptoms, I also eliminated the effects those foods had on my immune system. This manifest most visibly as an extreme sensitivity to urishiol, the poison in Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac. In one exposure event, where I was only exposed to dust of dead plants, I was so affected by the poison that I had to make two separate trips to the hospital for respiratory distress.

But in 2012, after I had stopped eating nearly all of the foods I was sensitive to, when my diet was pretty close to what it is now, my sensitivity to urishiol all but disappeared.

What does this mean? It means that my immune system was busy taking care of the food I was feeding myself and this left my immune system without the resources to take care of the toxins from the plants I was exposed to in the environment.

So, your diet is essential to protecting you from this coronavirus.

The highlights of my research are quite applicable to protecting onesself from this coronavirus, and if you would like to ensure you are protected, toss the mask and gloves and empty your cupboards and refrigerator of all of the following, at least until you are safe from this virus (give it two years at least...of course, by then, you'll not want to go back anyway from feeling so much better):

Vegetable oil (use lard instead)
Sugar (all forms, you don't need sweets, if you do, you need a bout of coronavirus too)
Capsacin (spicey spices, all spices are allergens actually!)
Wheat (all whole grains actually, especially if you are female, only nixtamlized non-GMO white corn flour, or "masa", is safe)
Soy and other plant proteins (if you are a vegetarian, you WILL LIKELY DIE FROM THIS VIRUS!)
Savory vegetables (i.e. tomatoes, peppers, etc. - anythng flavorful)
Dairy products of any kind (you are not a cow, nor a baby, stop drinking like one)

Vegetable oil and sugar are the worst things for this virus because they cause inflamation of the very cells the virus attacks. If you have heart disease, it's because of the consumption of vegetable oil.

Now, you have been eating this way for all of your life, so if you have damaged your epithelial cells or immune system then all you can do is hope that eliminating the allergens will allow your body to better defend you against the virus, and there is some precedent to suggest this can work. And it sure as hell beats the paranoia of hiding from the virus.

Good luck.
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