Enrique Forecast 5 
Monday, June 28, 2021, 12:51 PM - Tropical Weather
Posted by Administrator
Enrique has stalled at the 28 degree sea surface temperature (SST) contour and is disintegrating. The energy just isn't there to feed the cyclone and there are no air masses to steer the system so it is just sitting in the opening of the Sea of Cortez using up SST energies.

There is still the possibility that this system could move north as predicted by the NHC, but if the system does move north as they say, it will be a low pressure system and nothing more, no storm, except what forms from rain shadows and which here in La Paz are never really that severe anyway.

It is my guess that the system will burn itself out over the course of today and tonight and begin moving whatever direction the steering patterns will take it, which could be northeast or due west. But where it does is irrelevant to us here in La Paz. All that matters is what is possible to happen here so we can be prepared, and at this point, prepare for some thunderstorms and otherwise a nice pleasant but hot and humid week.

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Enrique Forecast 4 
Sunday, June 27, 2021, 11:54 PM - Tropical Weather
Posted by Administrator

Enrique is heading north along the 26 degree contour line. It has a narrow band of sufficient sea surface temperatures to draw from and isn't going to last long whatever happens. It is already interacting both with the cold waters to the west and land to the east. The band does widen and gives some leeway for at least maintaining the system, but its more likely than not that it will burn out before it can give La Paz any significant effects.

I expect, at most, 45knots of wind and about 36 hours of intermittent thunderstorms of varying intensity, and that's if the system goes along the center of the Sea of Cortez and comes over La Paz, the worst case scenario for this system. What is most likely is that the system will burn out within 12 hours so much that it cannot rebuild sufficiently to throw anything at La Paz except some wind and maybe some local thunderstorms of only moderate severity.

Don't be surprised to see the system either veer west or east and quickly fade if the system to the north can uncouple it from the tropical wave.

Enjoy Monday, get ready for some rain and wind, but don't be surprised if we stay dry.

Oh, and there's a link below to the NHC forecast, which I haven't read yet.
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Enrique Forecast 3 
Sunday, June 27, 2021, 06:00 PM - Tropical Weather
Posted by Administrator
Enrique has slotted itself into the northward flow I was concerned about. There is still some question as to which direction it will go and the range couldn't be higher. There's really no way of knowing exactly what is going to happen, but my thought is that the storm is going to go ahead and start tracking up the Sea of Cortez. It will be interacting with land as it does, which will diminish its strength, and it will be over only 26-27 degree water, so not enough to continue to build, especially in light of upper level winds which will tend to sheer the top of the system westward.

If the storm tracks up the Sea of Cortez, La Paz will be hit, but only by thunderstorms and mild tropical winds as the land between the city and the Sea will sufficiently dampen the worst effects; but this is the scenario to produce the worst effects of the storm, so at worst La Paz is looking at sudden thunderstorms and up to 45knots of wind, mostly from the north and then west as the low pressure system moves by.

However; I believe that it is more likely the system will either head west in a few hours and be torn apart by sheering forces, or it will steer onto land and be torn apart that way. Either way, I believe it is more likely that we will not get any foul weather from this system whatsoever. The pressure here is too high, the sheering forces are too high, and the Sea Surface Temperatures are not high enough.

Enrique will likely miss but could produce stormy conditions as early as Tuesday.
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Enrique Forecast 2 
Sunday, June 27, 2021, 08:10 AM - Tropical Weather
Posted by Administrator
I am having to examine details of systems that have influence on steering this system in order to ascertain what is going to happen. My only concern is whether or not the system could affect me. At this point, it does look as though the system is going to steer north, back towards the coast of Mexico.

I base this on the apparent degradation of a system that has upper level winds blowing west southwest where they would normally be blowing the opposite way this time of year. The system to the north northeast appears to be the only thing preventing the system from moving north.

If I had to guess, I would say the system is going to come closest to Guadalajara as it skims or comes along shore and that it and its effects will remain in the Sea of Cortez and along the mainland shore until around Mazatlan, more or less. This highly depends on the waning influence of the system to the northeast and the arm of the jetstream driving it. I no longer have access to my jetstream animations as the website operator died in a car accident last year and I have not yet replaced that resource and thus cannot better predict movements of air masses.

The influence of this system to the northeast is incredibly important. If any of this system's influence remains, it will drive any, or perhaps all, of Enrique's rain bands and influence towards or perhaps even on top of La Paz. This is highly unlikely of course, but a possibility that at this point remains.

I am of course monitoring the movements of these systems and will report back when I know significantly enough more to report. Air pressure is now being monitored also to determine how local weather will be affected by the system. It is presently 1013mmHg on my hydrometer.

For now, it is unlikely but still possible that Enrique will affect La Paz with at minimum heavy thunderstorms and tropical storm force winds.
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Enrique - Forecast 1 
Sunday, June 27, 2021, 01:43 AM - Tropical Weather
Posted by Administrator
Enrique has formed south southeast of Baja in the midst of limited SSTs which support its continued development. Enrique has now stalled as of this posting, and is poised to follow high SSTs either due west or north northeast along the coast.

The current NHC forecast appears to be a consensus of models which show these distinctly different paths. There is little to support movement of the system that way especially considering the SSTs and the fact that the system as stalled at the edge of the 26deg contour.

If the system does head north northwest along the Pacific coast as the NHC forecast suggests, the upper level winds will tear what's left of it apart. The SSTs are very low on this path.


The path will likely take the system due west. There is a great deal of wind sheer and little to support the system if it heads north. West, it can move with the upper level flows and retain some form to allow it to continue to transfer energy from warmer SSTs. Going north, the system would be shredded by strong upper level winds, winds which are actually the jetstream in what I believe are its final throes before it stalls in its oscillation.

SO, the storm won't go the way the NHC says it will go as of this posting and I believe it more likely to go west than north.
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Who are You - How I See People 
Thursday, June 24, 2021, 07:30 AM
Posted by Administrator

I have a rather singular perspective of people, or should I say, my general perspective of people is probably a lot stronger than any individual view I have of any single person I have ever known. That is to say, I mostly see everyone as the same. Mostly because to my credit, I get taken advantage of because I tend to project myself onto others. So while I try to see everyone as I see myself, I end up seeing everyone as other, and that other is in far too many ways identical and always has been.

In short, I see people as the same, and not in a good way. In fact, I hate everyone.

But there is a very good reason for this, and it involves who you are which in my perspective consists of everyone I have ever met and interacted with or observed. Early in my life, almost every person I interacted with in my life bullied or otherwise treated me poorly. I cannot overstate how badly I was treated: I was literally bullied by most people I knew including my own family. I had to run home from school from 2nd through the 5th grade in elementary school because I would get beat up otherwise, and sometimes I didn't escape. I recall at least two occasions when I was surrounded by kids who beat me.

I eventually stopped the bullying by hitting the biggest bully back in 5th grade. It started again when I moved to Oklahoma right after 6th grade, but I quickly turned it around and became popular instead. At least, until I was molested and raped in a youth shelter where my mother had abandoned me for the second time (that I remember...).

But after I suffered brain damage, it started again. Actually, it continued later in my adolescence, I just had better control over my reactions and exposure to it through life choices I had control over. But brain damage, and being trapped in a situation because of my disability, meant that the bullying turned much worse. Even the brain damage was the result of bullying and bullying kept me from at least getting compensation from the landlord as I couldn't find a lawyer to sue for what were obviously injuries the fault of a negligent landlord. I was bullied by the courts even in my attempt to sue on my own.

The bullying is what drove me to leave the USA, and it is bullying that led me to do so on a sailboat, something I had never even considered given my hatred of the ocean until that point.

The bullying in my life has been so bad, and so universal, that it is how I see all people alive today. It is the only safe way for me to interact with people because if I don't assume I will be taken advantage of, I almost always am.

So, my perspective, how I see you, is as a greedy, self interested person who would sooner take anything and everything from me as look at me. I see you as so selfish and self absorbed as to not care about anything but your own immediate pleasure. And the fact that not one single person has answered my public pleas for help in the 17 years I have been trying to deal with brain damage says that my views of you are universal and apply to each and every one of you without exception. The only thing even remotely close has been quite sinister; the offer of conditional help in the name of appearances only. That is, people offering help with strings attached, and only in an effort to show others how good they are, not to actually do something good. Conspicuous, fake charity. No thanks.

I'm not going to apologize for seeing you this way if you are not. The fact is, you stand on the sidelines and do nothing, and that is what makes bullying happen. It doesn't happen in the absence of at least tacit consent. And that makes every single one of you a participant.

I hate you. And that applies to every single person alive today.

What you don't understand is how much I long to make exceptions, lots of exceptions.

Please, someone. Prove me wrong, but not for an audience. Prove to me that I'm not the only human being left on this planet (that uses the internet that is...)
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White People did not Keep Slaves, The Elite did 
Sunday, June 6, 2021, 09:39 AM
Posted by Administrator

The present campaign to shame white people for supposedly supporting slavery simply because they are white is in itself a racist effort, and should be seen for what it is: an attempt to divert attention away from the cause of the problems we are suffering today which is the same as the cause of problems like slavery.

Every white person on earth did not own slaves. And not every slave owner was white. And then there is the slave trade itself; hardly the domain of whites.

There is however a solid connection between those who owned slaves, ran the slave trade, and the elites of today: they are one in the same from humanity’s perspective. The people who traded and kept slaves, and the corporate and other elite of today are not actually human, but psychopaths, people lacking empathy and thus the ability to see the world from anything but their own selfish perspective.

And it is these people who kept and traded in human life when it was acceptable somehow to do so. Were it possible today, these same kind of people would be the ones trading and keeping slaves. Having been made a slave myself, I can confirm that if there are slaves kept and traded today, they are kept and traded by psychopaths.

Guess who is telling us that all white people need to take responsibility for the crimes of the elite of the past. That’s right, the elite of today, the psychoapths of today want you to take the blame for their past crimes! And they are succeeding in actually causing massive and unjust discrimination against white people which is destroying the United States of America from within, especially as the efforts, including so-called Critical Race Theory, reaches into the US Military.

The notion that we everyday people are somehow responsible for the sins and crimes and inhuman behavior of the past is preposterous. But people are letting themselves be convinced and it is becoming true. And those who believe themselves better, the psychopaths who are not even human, are laughing all the way to the central bank.
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Traumatic Memory of Rape 
Friday, May 28, 2021, 08:43 PM
Posted by Administrator
On the 26th of May, 2021, I began to remember the events of the winter of 1983, when I was raped by my counselor, a man named Francis who worked for Kay County, Oklahoma as a counselor for children at a county run shelter.

After repeated incidents of fondling and kissing me in the office during which time I was hypnotized by Francis, he invited me to his home. I remember being invited into the basement and anally penetrated after being convinced that I would enjoy it. I do not yet recall all of the details of the incident, but have always remembered coming home afterwards and trying to kill myself with my pocket knife, and stabbing my pillow instead, through the Garfield comic I had drawn onto the pillow case with Francis some time prior.

This incident drastically changed my life as it came as I was doing extremely well socially, having become the most popular kid in school. I had even asked the most popular girl in school out, who had said yes. Despite this, because of this incident, I had decided to go ahead and let my mother send me back to live with my father, denying myself any possibility of continuing the efforts of building a social life I never had the opportunity to have living with my father because I was heavily bullied.

I have attempted to report this incident to the Ponca City Police Department, Kay County Sheriffs Department, and Federal Bureau of Investigation, all of whom have ignored or made fun of my report.

I would very much like to sue Kay County, Oklahoma, the Kay County Youth Shelter, and either the man or his estate, for the extreme damage this incident caused me.
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Why a Respiratory Coronavirus Can NEVER Kill a Healthy Human Being 
Friday, February 5, 2021, 12:04 AM
Posted by Administrator
I studied wolves, among many other things. One thing I learned about wolves and other canines is that their saliva has antimicrobial properties; that is, it will, kill bacteria or viruses that might happen to be in their wounds; which they then swallow and which provides them with natural vaccination.

And I just now realized after reading about the accuracy of anal swabs for testing for COVID-19, why it is that I have absolutely no fear of this or any other respiratory coronavirus; and which confirms my suspicions on why people are dying of it.

Anal swabs test for viral particles that have passed through the digestive system. Now, while it is entirely possible, with a PCR test and a high enough cycle count to amplify incidental particles; the reason the test is far more accurate than a nasal swab is because the viral particles must pass through the digestive system.

Now, for the viral particles to pass through digestive system in sufficient quantity to be reliably detected by a test, they must have passed through in significant quantity, in this case, by absorption of respiratory mucous into the digestive system, a very common occurrence.

But,and here's the important part, those viral particles, if whole initially, will be broken down by the digestive system and absorbed, in pieces, so as to be recognized by the immune system as inactive, but foreign and thus something for the immune system to act against.

In other words, a respiratory coronavirus will always give a person natural immunity - internally. Yes, they can still get symptoms, and whatever damage the virus does to their respiratory system, if any, will still occur; but death cannot occur because the immune system, if functional, will protect the body because the virus has already been recognized before entering the body.

However; if somehow the virus entered the body (your respiratory system is outside your body, else you would be exhaling blood and other bodily fluids instead of just the air you breath in) before your body recognized particles you digested, then you could be in danger from some coronaviruses, if they were dangerous at all.

My theory is that ventilators are what kill COVID-19 patients who are actually infected with and suffering from the infection from the virus. Ventilators both inflate the entire lung that is usually partially collapsed and thus immersed in fluid; as well as providing positive pressure inside the lungs which can physically force the virus and other contaminants into the body. Bypassing natural immunity is the ONLY way ANY respiratory virus can kill, period.
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What White Privilege? 
Saturday, January 23, 2021, 10:19 AM
Posted by Administrator
I was born a white Christian male landowner in the United States of America.

I am supposed to be privileged. The United States of America was supposedly founded by white Christian males who gave themselves and only themselves the right to vote and hold office.

So why is it that I am dirt poor, and disabled? Why am I 16 times more likely to be shot by cops than white males and thus over twice as likely to be shot by cops than black males? Why was I denied entry to Caltech and MIT when I applied despite qualifying and because of my race?

So why is it that a white Christian male landowner, supposedly the most privileged class of person in the United States of America, is so oppressed in a nation supposedly built for him, and especially in light of so much evidence of the privilege of being a white Christian male landowner?

The reason is simple: I do not think like I am supposed to think as determined by the people who took over America for themselves and their kind and who are best represented by corporations and the Democratic party and especially by the social network and other internet technology companies so keen to dictate what we can and cannot say.

Something to think about...

I will write more.
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A Message to Providers of Basic Needs for Americans 
Thursday, January 21, 2021, 11:51 PM
Posted by Administrator
In case you feel like your fundamental rights as an American who provides for the basic needs of your fellow countrymen are being thrown out the window like so much dung, you're right.

The only way Democrats and their corporate puppetteers are ever going to laern not to fuck with real Americans is to show them exactly who real Americans are, and why they should be the only people to govern America.

A general strike by all providers of basic goods to corporations and replaced by direct sales to consumers and small businesses, as well as denial of all goods to states hostile to Americans including California, New York and others; would deprive precisely those people who are acting against America why you are so important, and why the founding fathers saw fit to ensure you had governance of America, as citizens of states joined together as a republic, not a democracy.

By depriving these people of their basic needs, and especially by cutting the supply to corporations, Americans can see just who America was made of, by, and for and that it was never "the people" but rather, those people who founded and maintain the nation.

Corporations were never supposed to exist as they do today. They were an emergency measure to allow business to be big enough to supply what the nation's entrepreneurs and small businesses could not, and only if their existence served the public good. America doesn't need corporations.

America doesn't need democracy either. It was founded as a representative republic to be run by those who founded it. While endowing the stakeholders with this privilege and responsibility is ideal, this manifest as white christian male landowners initially precisely because at the time, those were the people who were forging the nation and providing for everyone.

The easiest thing to do would be to repeal all amendments to the US Constitution which diluted the vote, as these efforts are what are wholly responsible for the horrible state of America today with its overly powerful federal government which benefits corporations over the people. Altering the Constitution to enshrine that stakeholders, that is, those who provide fo rthe basic needs of Americans, be given the privileges and responsibility of voting and governance. Stakeholders would generally include farmers, ranchers, small business related to basic needs (butchers for example), members of militia and others.

Wake America up. Show them who the stakeholders are, why, they are important, and why they were given the privilege and responsibility of voting and governing.
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Thoughts from the Passenger Seat of a Taxi 
Tuesday, January 19, 2021, 11:31 AM
Posted by Administrator
The world is a pretty fucked up place right now. Things are bad for just about everyone.

Everyone except the rich and powerful that is.

So how did we get here? What happened to make our world hell unless you are some kind of billionaire, celebrity, politician, or just plain lucky?

First, I think we need to recognize this reality, that the only people doing well are NOT hard working people who care about others and contribute to society. The people doing well are the very people who are the problem.

It is important to recognize this fact because in reality, we in society are rewarding those people who are the most harmful to society. And as long as society is rewarding those who are harming society, society will continue to get worse for everyone else. And looking at our recent histories, that things are getting worse for most while better for some is clearly evident and proves that society's degradation is benefitting the privileged few at the expense of everyone else.

Once we recognize the basis of the problem we can understand its true nature and work towards solving the real problem instead of constantly covering up the symptoms or making things worse because the problem is ignored. And the basic problem here is that society is rewarding those who harm it.

I have written extensively and recorded countless videos discussing the nature of the disease in humans which is the cause of all of this, what causes people to act in what is actually against their own self interests. Lack of empathy due to failure to learn those vital human skill causes people to ignore anything but their own immediate self interest by failing to develop moral perpective. These people are the architects of modern society.

And it is these people who have the whole world convinced that they are our betters and that they deserve to be rewarded for their efforts.

The reality in America, which is where I will now direct my taxi-ride thoughts, is that these people took over America when real human beings settled in to a nation that had finally reached adulthood and stopped expanding.

America was founded by people who prioritized adventure and risk over safety and opression of their individuality and spirit of adventure. In other words, America was founded by human beings.

Key to understanding America, especially in the context of its staus as the greates experiment in human history in accountable governance is the nature of her federal government, one founded not by and for "the people" but rather by and for stakeholders, those whose hard work built and maintained the nation.

Because of the nature of the reality of who settled north America, the vote was given initially to white christian male landowners, the only kind of people who had braved the voyage to the new world, took all the risks, and forged a nation from wild lands.

Within 80 years, the vote, and thus the ability to hold office, was dilluted, given to all males in a coordinated and and planned effort to give themselves the advantages going forward.

Using a moral issue, these people altered the very nature of America, ending its status as an experiment in freedom and self governance. Slavery was used to distract a population of people who, unlike the stakeholders who founded the nation, dependent upon others for their most basic needs. As such, they were willing to believe those who claimed to have their best interests in mind, an obviously false claim as we now know these people are incapable of having concern for anyone but their immediate selves.

And so we see history repeating itself, with moral issues being used to take power, this time beyond even the loosest interpretations of the US Constitution. And so power hungry are these people as to now ignore any semblence of reason, and gone now are any serious efforts to tey to hide their truee intent.

And yet in spite of how obvious their deceptions are, people are still as inclined as ever to buy into the lies. This can only be because people are even more dependent upon these people than ever, somwthing engineered and obvious but which still works.

What this means is that people are conquered, completely dependent and therefore unable to do anything but be the slaves they are. It means there is no hope for them going forward. The self-declared elite have total control. It is there society now, 100 percent.

But we also know these people are the problem. They are the ones who destroyed Anerica and the rest of the world with it, so how is it possible they could make society work, even for themselves?

The answer is of course that they cannot.

The conclusion then is that unless people recognize that the rich and politicians and celebrities ARE the problem, the problems will only continue to work to destroy society and mankind with it.
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Why Was America Founded and by Whom? 
Saturday, November 14, 2020, 08:28 PM
Posted by Administrator
The United States of America was founded by white Christian male landowners who fled persecution by their governments and harassment for their beliefs by their fellow citizens.

Ironically, I happen to be a white Christian male landowner, fleeing an oppressive government and people harassing me for my beliefs.


America doesn't belong to you people, it belongs to people like me. And until America is a country that invites me back with the full protection of the US Constitution, it will remain an evil empire. Period.
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I Now Know Why People Hate Me 
Tuesday, November 10, 2020, 01:45 PM
Posted by Administrator
I realized today why people hate me.

It's because I do not submit to the station they expect of me. In other words, I do not demonstrate "proper respect" for people's position over me and my status as inferior.

There is a damn good reason I do not give people undue respect: I am hardly inferior to ANYONE.

Sorry folks, you don't just get respect for being something you created yourself as under the guise of society. I have a higher perspective than that, and do not submit myself to society or anything or anyone of or in it. Society is a disease, a cancer that is destroying humanity and this planet. You cannot ever have my respect in those terms, and if you want my respect in the terms of your society, then try fucking earning it.
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A Message from an "Original" True American 
Saturday, November 7, 2020, 10:47 PM
Posted by Administrator
I realized that I am entitled, according to the US Constitution and other founding documents in their original form. I am a white Christian male landowner in America and that gives me the right to vote and hold office where no one else did for the first 80 years of America.

I am tired of being deplatformed, shut down, censored, cancelled, run out of town, or otherwise ignored. I have something to say, and as a true American, I have every right to say it and you should listen to what I have to say:

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