We Cannot Do This Alone 
Thursday, September 23, 2021, 11:14 AM
Posted by Administrator
What is happening to us is incredible, intentionally actually, in order to make it that much less likely can be helped.

This is because I am the victim of a relentless and directly targeted campaign of harassment on the part of what people call "The Deep State". These methods are well documented and we are all aware of some of the famous examples such as Tucker Carlson. But my situation is more, if not exactly like Julian Assange.

I came to Mexico for refuge, to escape. Why continue to hound me?

Simple. Because I still have not left their country, the territory they perceive they control. So my having done these things down here has literally drawn the curtsin and laid bare exactly who and what this Deep State is. I have shown the world and proven exactly what these people are.

Whether you believe me or not does not change the fact that I am dealing with far more than I can handle. That you can read about and watch what we are going through without feeling compelled to offer assistance merely confirms you are not human, because our plight is no more than your evening's entertainment.

Please do not ignore us. Someone out there can help us. Please come to us and do so.

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