US State Department Reported to OIG 
Saturday, September 25, 2021, 12:40 PM
Posted by Administrator
The OIG, Office of Ispector General, is a uniform office across all appropriate US Government agencies which is responsible for oversight, to ensure no wasre, fraud, abuse, or criminal activity occurs. So when, for example, the US Consulate in Mexico deliberately gets my disability benefits terminated and has me illegally detained by their corrupt police friends in La Paz, these crimes should be reported to the Office of Ispector General.

I have made two reports and an FOIA request for appropriate records, including for a recorsing od the phone call Cody made to me and which facilitated my illegal detention by corrupt police who subsequently violated my every right.

I have no faith in American government. The Deep State exists and lives in the U S State Department. But, you never know, especially in a case this huge.

This would be mainstream news if it werenvt for the fact that the media is controlled by the same people who control the government.

And for who donvt believe me, fuck you. You can come and witness it for yourself. People like you are why these things happen.
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