Tortured by Jews 
Monday, June 13, 2022, 08:18 PM
Posted by Administrator
My lawyers have confirmed to me that the owner of Marina Palmira, whose security guy (son I am told) killed my friend and illegally claims the property I claimed legally, is, along with Pedro Aguilar of Soccorr Aggressor and Cantamar Hotel and Buceos y Servicios BCS, paying to have me illegally detained and trying to have me imprisoned.

The owner of Marina Palmira, is a jew. A jew killed my friend, my dogs, and with the help of the US Consulate, had me and my caregiver illegally detained while Pedro Aguilar stole everytjing we owned.

So, jews are torturing innocent disabled American refugees and facilitating the theft of everything they own.

And you have the fucking nerve to accuse me of petty mindless mindsets like so-called "antisemitism". Do you even know what a semite is?

Jews as a culture and people are the single greatest threat to humanity and to society. When you find yourself being tortured to death and realize it was jews who did it to you, maybyou eill finally realize it was jews who made up the idea that there was something wrong with hating them.
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