The Order of Things in La Paz 
Wednesday, September 22, 2021, 10:36 AM
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Yesterday afternoon was by far the worst experience I have had throughout this whole ordeal. A local marine tourism businessman told me that what happened to me was just how things are here in Mexico.

This is not the case, this is how these people want to do things here, and only here in La Paz.

La Paz is a city run by a Cabal, a centrally Jewish controlled network of businessmen and officials who skirt, evade, and outright break the law, in other words, CHEAT, so that they can overcome competition in order to profit. Businesses here must be part of this network, or fail. There is no place for fair competition and thus no place for either innovation, or IMPROVEMENT.

As a result of this setup, La Paz is doomed to decay and rot. This is of course wholly unsustainable. So the way things are here in La Paz, a conscious choice made continuously, is to exploit without regard to anything but self gain. It is a conscious choice and thus things are this way because people want them to be this way.

And, it doesnt have to be the way things are. This is strictly elective, and right now, business owners in La Paz are choosing the status quo.
Instead, they could be supporting a business and businessman doing actual honest business. These are conscious choices. No one has offered to help me. And here comes someone in need of something I have and when faced with having to pay a fair price for an item in my storage, he made no offer of providing what I actually need, he could only beg me, in my situation, for a cheaper price, because "man I have to have it Mike".

Think about that folks. What is business? It is absolutely superficial, completely meaningless in the grand scheme of things. When we take a vacation, do we go on a selling or working spree? No, we LEAVE that world behind. So why, when faced with a real transaction for the provision of sonething I desperately need in exchange for something I have but do not desperately need, is realirt set aside for business concerns? The implication is that business is incompatible with being human.

I had to actually suggest to this person the idea of helping me in order to pay for the item he wants. Clearly, I am not the one with the problem here. Here is a clear choice to do things another way. There was almost a glee in his voice as he made his now famous declaration to mr, as if he was quite happy to be a slave to arrogant racist cheaters. It speaks a lot to why things are the way they are here in La Paz. It is because the people want things this way because they are such awful people.

But doing business can and SHOULD be compatible with being human. The very nature of my business is human. It is salvage, repair, and construction of boats. Provision of very human needs through a business. If someone's boat were in trouble, I wont not help because they have no money. I will help, and if I can be compensated in sone way, great. Money is a tool, nothing more, and it isnt the only tool in the box.

So how about it La Paz? Is this going to continue to be the way things are here in La Paz, or are you going to make that conscious decision to do things right, to have fair competition, to allow for innovation and create a sustainable business environment.

If so, I would like to ask for your help. Come help me get Disperser back to my legal property and help me protect and build a true business in La Paz, so we can show people all over the world how we do business here in Mexico.

Revel in this Mexico. My story evidences the lengths these people have to go to fight competition and stifle innovation. They have to employ the power of the US Government to prevent fair competition in business. Thats how THEY do business.

How about you, La Paz?

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