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Thursday, September 23, 2021, 02:28 PM
Posted by Administrator
My name is Michael Wolf. My caregiver's name is Zachary Watson. We need your help. We are refugees from America who have been robbed of everything by a business with the help of the State Police and the US Consulate here in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

We were illegally detained on our rightful private property by violent invasion supported by privately hired State Police after a night of violent attacks which included trapping me in the house by fire, all of which has been documented on video and can be found on Youtube at

We have nothing, and especially no way to support my fragile health. We lived on a boat which was damaged and was to be repaired on the property we had legally acquired one week prior. This was stolen and we have no idea of its disposition or whereabouts.

We need help, personal help. Someone who can drive us around so we can gather resources to do whatever it is we need to do. We also need witnesses as the things happening to us are just that unbelievable that no one does. At the very least, we need someone to talk to the media and tell them our story so that people who care and want to help can do so, and so people can know how dangerous it is here in La Paz.

We cannot do this alone. I am injured and my health is declining. We have no idea what we can do or how to do it. I need to be on my functional boat or in a hospital, which cannot be in this state.

Please come to us here in La Paz. Find us and help us. We do not need financial help immediately if at all, especially if I can get help restoring my disability benefits, which the US Consulate made sure I do not have. As you can imagine, because we were put in this situation on the inztructiof the US Co sulate, and that we are refugees, clearly help from the US consulate is impossible.

We seek refuge and political asylum from any nation willing to offer and we will try to get there. But for now we need your help.


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