Personal Update on Abandoned Boatyard 
Sunday, September 12, 2021, 11:38 PM
Posted by Administrator
This is actually an email to my brother.

So far my security guy was beat up, my truck trashed, my mooring lines cut, but today the federal maritime rescue came to my boat, without authority because it is on what they consider peivate peroperty by federal law and they also have no jurisdiction on private boats. I threatend them with bow and arrow and maintained a vigilance until they left.

These "officials" only work for business owners and anyone who pays them or owes favors. The Navy here is completely corrupt.

What I am hoping for now is that they start a formal legal process. This means I win because the process can be drawn out literally forever.

I still have to wait for potential attacks, but from what I overheard, they want to physically remove me by force, which they cannot do. I can lock myself into the second story and prevent myself being taken by lethal force if necessary. This house is completely defensible, a locked gate at the top of stairs I can see down but show nothing. And I have all four sides for shooting arrows and flares, which I already did to establish that I will kill to defend if necessary.

They can take my boat, but Zach is on it, will defend with lethal force.

I am not doing well health wise. I am under 150lbs (just under 11 stones). Hernias galore from pulling anchor and chain galore.

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