Monday, September 27, 2021, 09:41 AM
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Intelligence is an advantage. It is something you consciously develop. It is a choice to have it as much as it is a choice not to. I made my choice as a child to learn more than was expected of me, more than my peers. So I come to this point in my life having an advantage because I chose to do the work then to have that advantage today. Can it be considered fair for people to do business corruptly in oder to overcome their relative disadvantage?

Intelligence gives me an advantage in business by allowing me to make business decisions without the need for expert advice, which is costly, time consuming, and shall we say not always reliable.

Intelligence allows me to be ahead of others by allowing me to see their plans develop and thus allows me to predict their next moves if they are, for example, using corruption to harm me in the name of preventing competition they can't beat.

I have been able to overcome the efforts of literally dozens of people working hard, and getting paid a great deal, to hurt me and prevent me from doing what I need to do out of their fears of me because they mistakenly believed I was a threat to their businesses because I wanted to use the abandoned boatyard in Pichilingue. But while I originally just wanted to fix my boat so I could leave Mexico, their assumption has become their reality because frankly when you lack intelligence you make up for it with stupidity, which is why you have to resort to corrupt practices.

I am a genius, I did suffer brain damage, but that just hides my intelligence. I thus have another advantage, one they cannot overcome because they based their perception of me on their assumptions, not my reality.

And so, here we are. There is no other way forward than to see a business owner go to jail for corruption, and several officials relieved of duty and investigated. This cannot be buried because my intelligence allowed me to create a situation I could ensure benefitted me no matter what they tried to do, and in fact made it so that the worse it seemed for me, the worse it actually was for them, and I made all the right decisions along the way where I could not pre-plan them.

I look forward to doing business, but wish I had been long ago gone from Mexico. I had little choice but to address corruption becsuse of how it affected me, and I could not avoid confronting it because it was thrust at me. So the only way forward is to punish the instigators, the few idiots who made bad decisions to victimize someone a lot more intelligent than themselves. They must now answer for their decisions, including the one made to be corrupt.

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