Going to the National Guard 
Friday, September 24, 2021, 04:13 PM
Posted by Administrator
The idea of going to the National Guard came up yesterday and I started looking into it. I have since emailed my evidence and a brief denuncia, and am already on my way to report this in person.

I do not have faith this will work. I believe AMLO came to power the same way Trump did, by seeling out to the same Cabal that runs everything else. But there are also two possibilities: one that pushing back agsinst my claims forces them to give me what I need. The other is that AMLO actually came to power of his own.

We will lkkely try to livestream our efforts with the Nacional Guard. We will try to recruit a small local audience of people we met in the hotel, but cannot know when this will take place and suggrst just keeping the channel open.

Otherwise, widh us luck.

Well, that went as expected. Going to file a denuncia with PJR, the feds. Probably in on it, but I did send in a denuncia to the National Guard main office in Mexico City.

Also, people in this town are ALL in on the corruption. They do not want to share our video for fear of being seen as an agitator.

Stay out of La Paz and Mexico altogether folks. Fuck these people and this place and I hope it burbs to the fucking ground for how we are bing treated.
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