Evacuate La Paz!  
Sunday, August 6, 2023, 10:45 AM
Posted by Administrator
What I have been looking for in my weather preduction since arriving shortly after hurricane Odile in 2014 is the same pattern of storms which preceeded Odile.

The year so far has been unproductive and disorganized due to sheering forces because of the modified tropical jetstream, which has shielded us from serious hurricanes here since 2014.

The jetstream has moved into the intertropical convergence zone further east this year, creating chaos in the tropical storm nursery that spawns out storms.

Sea surface temperatures have been stable where they needed to fall, so storms that do form now will be strong.

Sheering forces are the biggest unknown, but I believe the possibility of a powerful tropical storm, likely a category 2 or higher hurricane, is a distinct probability, and that in fact, we will be lucky if we do not have a major hurricane strike La Paz.

Besides, the peso is shit right now.

Go home. Put your boat on the hard in Guaymas (Mazatlan may not exist past October) and go home where its safe.
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