Tuesday, August 31, 2021, 12:07 AM
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I have always noticed I was different from most people around me. What I noticed is that I tended to act upon impulses that emanated from within others. For example, I was always called a 'cry baby' as a child because I tended to feel the sadness others felt and expressed it, even if it was dramatized, such as on television.

Relatively late in my life, I realized I was highly empathetic, especially compared to my family. What I didn't realize, was the precise nature of the connection between the two.

Empathy allows us to feel what others feel, but it's not just limited to that, this is what I now understand. Empathy causes us to act on those feelings, as if they were our own. Empathy compels us to act when others suffer for example. This actually creates a deep connection between those with empathy and those around them. A person with a high degree of empathy is the most likely to take charge of an emergency situation in order to ensure everyone's safety, because the person with empathy won't be able to help but feel the anxiety of everyone around him.

But, this is a serious disadvantage in society, especially when those feelings can be faked. People who are not compelled to act on the feelings of others have a serious advantage in being able to control the behavior of those with empathy, allowing them to take financial or even physical or sexual advantage of them. Most victims of sexual abuse are highly empathetic whereas most perpetrators are psychopaths, people with no empathy whatsoever. I actually didn't realize how many times I was sexually abused as a child and still do not know the extent of the abuse from when I was a toddler.

People without empathy see people with empathy as weak. But, this is only in the context of a society where empathy is a handicap. The truth is, empathy is powerful and highly empathetic people also tend to be geniuses. Sadly, these people are wholly incompatible with society, and thus their talents are never contributed and thus society becomes less and less empathetic (especially with drugs that reduce it, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol)).

But, outside of society, in the context of, say, life at sea; empathy is highly valuable because it makes communication quite simple and extremely efficient. It also makes life much more pleasant because everyone in the ship, if they are all highly empathetic, will always be able to trust one another. And that level of trust makes for a potent weapon in times of conflict, which appear to be on the horizon.

Yes, being highly empathetic was a serious disadvantage to me while I was in society, but in spite of that, I made great strides and achieved what few people do who lack the disadvantage I had. But, now that I am outside society, and now that society has begun to finally collapse (sorry if you weren't aware or don't believe, but it is what it is whether you believe it or not), my being highly empathetic becomes a significant advantage.

If you need a metaphor: I have become like a wolf, and will have a pack. You remain in a herd, and you only have protection in numbers. Unless of course that herd has been made sick by some kind of fake pandemic, in which case the herd will collapse.
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