Zachary David Watson is a Dangerous Criminal and Potential Serial Killer! 
Saturday, June 15, 2024, 10:37 AM
Posted by Administrator
Without question do not approach or let Zach near you.

He went crazy because he was not allowed to bring MORE guns into Mexico and stole all the passwords to accounts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. He has help from Dwayne Kollmar (aka Kollman) from Quartzsite, Arizona who is probably going to be Zach's first victim unless Dwayne heeded my warning. Next up will probably be a few people in La Paz if he goes to Mexico after stealing Dwayne's motorhome and all his money and killing him, unless he goes after his family.

Zach is very disturbed. I tried like hell to fix this kid using every resource and bit of knowledge I had. He was raised by a jewish woman and stupid man to be a self-entitled, damaged, narcissistic little parasite with a horrific case of antisocial personality disorder and an extremely unhealthy obsession with guns.

The FBI have been notified, so have the LAPD and Senator Kelly. If Zach kills it is because these agencies failed to keep the monster they helped create from getting loose.
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