A Pleasant Social Experience 
Thursday, September 23, 2021, 03:30 AM
Posted by Administrator
This evening we spent some time in a common area of the hotel we stayed at tonight. An older gentleman was there as well and we all had a very nice conversation.

I am not sure I was surprised, but his comments about his own culture really struck home the idea that Jews are not all like the stereotypes we hear about... He made some honest observations about the Jewish culture that we really enjoyed. Basically, the Jews I have been dealing with are about as well thought among Jews as they are outside of their culture.

So yes, I had a pleasant social conveesation with jew, or rarther a Jewish gentleman who is just as human as I am, and he hates people like Mac Shroyer just as much as I do.

I do not hate Jews, I hate their culture and their use of it as an excuse to be evil.
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