A Lonely Human 
Monday, September 30, 2019, 05:57 PM
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Disclaimer: I write essays. These are my thoughts at the moment, nothing more. They are of a highly mature nature, and are not meant for an immature or unintelligent audience. The concepts I present are of a highly advanced nature both intellectually as well as philosophically. This is why I do not allow comments. This essay does well to answer that specific concern actually.

Read with caution, and read to seek understanding of what my thoughts were at the time I wrote this, not necessarily what they are today.

As far as I can tell, I appear to be the only human being on this planet.

A human being, for those reading this mistakenly believing themselves to be so, is not born a human being, but must develop into a human being. A human being is defined by empathy, and by immense intellectual capabilities. A species is defined by it's origins, and we humans are defined by the empathy which allowed us to develop verbal communication, and the tremendous ability to solve problems with our brains which developed to helped us survive and become what we are today.

But society, being the result of a mistake of tremendous gravity, has deprived mankind of the natural course of development which defined us human beings, and so, society produces not human beings, but something far more sinister and evil: you.

You have no empathy, or if you have any, you haven't the intellect to do anything with it. Don't take that as an insult, it's not meant to be. If you weren't aware of the fact that you were not human because you were born into a society that prevented you from becoming a human being, how could you be responsible for your status, and thus how could you be insulted by the accurate description? Of course, if you are still upset, it's merely a sign that you are most definitely not human.

I'm different because I was rejected by society. My own family rejected me. Of course no one in my family were human. So there was no one in my family to teach me empathy, to teach me how to be human. Yet somehow, I was able to become human.

The reason is actually simple. Humans didn't develop empathy on their own, they were taught empathy, just as we have to learn empathy these days. And we were taught empathy, science believes, and I happen to agree, by wolves. And we had a dog in the family when I was born, and being on four legs (crawling) myself, and having been rejected by the humans in my family, I latched onto, and even identified with, the only loving being in the family, the dog, who taught me empathy. Trying to survive a life where everyone hated me presented enough of a challenge to stimulate my brain's natural development.

And so, here I am, the only human being alive on this planet today, and probably the first human being in a long, long time.

And you know what, it's fucking lonely here. I have no one to talk to, no one to share my thoughts with, no one to bounce ideas off of, no one to give input and collaborate with on the thoughts I have. No one else thinks for themselves. Everyone just parrots what someone else believes instead of having their own original ideas and thoughts. And it gets really fucking annoying.

I cannot have a conversation with anyone about anything important or productive. I have a different perspective, one unrestrained by assumptions, by society's limits. I have an actual imagination, not a catalog of images fed to me by society's media. So when I conceive of an idea, it is original, but when I try to share it, there is no recognition of the uniqueness because there cannot be, and instead, there are assumptions, and a destruction of the whole conversation and thus the idea, because there is no one else with an actual imagination to share the ideas with.

Why is this a problem?

Well, that's quite simple. It isn't because I'm lonely. That's just what I feel. No, the real problem, and the frustration that angers me and drives me to lash out at people for not being human, is the fact that society has isolated people from nature, but society is not itself isolated from nature. So while people are affecting nature through society, they are blind to these affectations, which are devastating the planet's resources which humans require to survive as a species, not to mention every other species on this planet.

The real irony is, I'm not the only lonely person. Every one of you, without exception, has identified yourself with society. You are society, society is you. You cannot be separated from society. And if you are a part of society now, you will always be part of society, even if you somehow manage to wrest yourself away and successfully escape society.

The problem is, you never developed as a human, and you are far, far too arrogant to go through the process necessary to develop and become human, because it involves first recognizing something you cannot: that you are not actually a human being.

That's my own personal problem of course. But this does present a huge problem, a more Universal problem: that of the destruction of this planet and it's status as a nursery for intelligence, the unique aspect of human beings which I alone seem to embody. No, I'm not saying I am the only intelligent person. What I am saying is that I am the only one who isn't stupid. Intelligence must be developed to it's potential, else the brain becomes dependent upon society and as a result, cannot function properly as it will be permanently biased – against nature actually!

So, pardon me if I seem a bit of an asshole to you. But I'm not the stupid asshole destroying the planet and sitting there ignorant of that reality and partying instead of doing something about it.

And if you want to stop being an asshole and start being a human being, well, you better dispense with your connections to society and start embracing nature. And if you'd like to come to me to learn how to be human, you better damn well do so in complete and total commitment to developing to your potential, and only after having dispensed with any notion that you might have that anything about society was is or ever will be anything but pure fucking evil. If you come to me under those terms, it will be plainly obvious to me, and if you don't, it will be painfully obvious to you.
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Does the United States of America have The Ultimate Strategic Edge? 
Sunday, September 29, 2019, 04:44 PM
Posted by Administrator
The world has some problems. Chief among them are an addiction to fossil fuels, and to power – manifest in this case by an overabundance of nuclear weapons.

America used to maintain it's grip on global power (let's be honest here folks and not pretend, okay?) with the almighty dollar backed by the almighty US Military. Now, America seeks energy dominance as well, as a means to further back the US dollar, especially against the threat of a loss of supremacy in nuclear weaponry.

But would the playing field really be leveled if the world gave up it's addictions to fossil fuels and nuclear weapons?

Let's think about this and perhaps see if a formal analysis might be in order.

Absent nuclear weapons, it's clear that America would still maintain military dominance. In fact, I don't imagine how the power balance in the world even considers nuclear weapons as a realistic element. They're in the background, but they do not affect any decisions made by the major powers of the world. Perhaps a more in-depth analysis is in order, and perhaps it might find there would be some change of balance. Perhaps not.

And what if the entire world gave up fossil fuels. Besides the shock, where would America truly be?

Innovation has always defined America, and innovation has always been driven by challenge. While today that challenge seems to be strictly limited to making as much money as possible damn everything else; America used to actually be defined by true innovation, and not to long ago. My generation were probably some of the most innovative, but we also became lazy (probably because our effing jobs got shipped overseas to...China, India, and other targets of Trump's trade tirade), and the later generations seem to have a spark of innovation in them as well.

So in a world of no fossil fuels, innovation will be the source of real power. This is natural because the definition of wealth is the ability to create, not money. Money is a concept that is represented by tokens with no real value but what's written on them. You can't make anything with money, but you can buy what you need to create. Or, you could just create yourself, by learning and having the skills and drive to do so: innovation, in other words.

With a simple change in attitude, brought on by necessity and a reason to get people off the couch (they could sure stand to lose a few pounds anyway), American innovation can once again be put into play and lead the world in the creation of alternative energy sources. And reaching back again to my generation, our youth was filled with propaganda telling us to conserve; thanks to the embargo of and thus extreme restriction in the supply of fossil fuels ironically; so again, America can also have an edge in changing their use of energy, reducing it to a saner level.

While it may seem improbable on the face of it, America doesn't really need nuclear weapons or fossil fuels to be the greatest nation on the planet. After all, a nation is a people, not it's energy or weapons.
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