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Friday, September 10, 2021, 08:06 AM - General
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I have yet to even assess the damages, but at the moment, I have nothing.

My trawler drug last night before things got bad, I have no idea where it went or if it reanchored itself or just crashed ashore or sank. I likely will never know. I also had left batteries on board I needed for power on this boat because these batteries are long since toast.

I do not have battery to start my engine.

I have drug several MILES. I am in extremely deep water. I have no windlass (12V). My wind generator died and I have nothing but solar now. My freezer also requires power but any power for that will have to go to charging the starter battery so I can get moved back to the boatyard.

If I had not moved to the boatyard, I would have lost everything, in front of everyone, and they would have picked me clean for the rumors these people here spread about me.

I have done nothing wrong. I have never hurt anyone. I don't know why people treat me the way they do, other than it has nothing to do with anything I do wrong. if my words are my crime, then it is society itself which is in the wrong, as words cannot hurt.

Anyway, I'm tired, I hurt, I'm all seized up inside and my broken rib hurts like hell.

I hope nothing keeps me from getting back to the property and moving on, because I cannot live on this boat now. There is too much damage and too much time needed to repair it. I may lose a freezer full of food I no longer have an income to replace.
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The Baffled Experts 
Friday, July 2, 2021, 12:15 PM - General
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"Experts are baffled by...."

How often have you heard that one?

Today, it's about the coronavirus, and how people who "have allergies" are less susceptible to the effects of the virus.

This time, the Russians are baffled by the fact that people who have seasonal and other allergies are less likely to be infected by the coronavirus.

Well, Mr. "Scientist", allow me to explain it to you so that you can understand, since you don't seem to have learned a goddamn thing in all that schooling your country put you through. You see, those people don't suffer from allergies, they have an immune system that actually protects them. Everyone is exposed to the same thing in the environment. That some people react to those things does not mean those people are "allergic." It means that those people's body actively protects them from the toxins in their environment. That other people do not react the same means that their immune systems don't seem to mind the toxins, and let them into the body.

People who experience symptoms of seasonal allergies are not diseased, they are healthy. And healthy people don't get sick from a simple coronavirus nor any other type of strictly respiratory virus, because a healthy person is one with a healthy immune system.

You cannot GET sick. You can only BE sick because you damaged your immune system.

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Told You So 
Wednesday, June 30, 2021, 03:50 AM - General
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The pandemic is fake, designed to establish the level of control which can be had and over what peoples while preparing the population for the real act of war against humanity by the inhuman monsters who run modern global society.

The real effort to take control of everything and everyone will be when global warming finally starts to kill people in massive events which will be undeniably linked to global warming.

I have been predicting these catastrophes for years, over a decade actually (I wrote my seminal piece on the matter in 2009). And I even stated that the first symptoms we would see would be massive dieoffs from unusual and unprecedented heave waves caused by the jet stream (see http://disperser.info/reasons.html)

My warnings are finally coming true, manifest in deaths from a heatwave in, of all places, Vancouver, British Columbia!

The reason this happened is simple, and I directly predicted it: the jet stream is stalling, and the stall is happening in a way which affects North America. It is happening because the Arctic is warming faster than the equator. The difference in temperature, and the constant range we are accustomed to, are what drive the jet stream to oscillate and has done son in a consistent and predictable manner for thousands of years. Being driven by the difference in temperature between the pole and equator, the oscillations have drastically changed, causing the jet stream to actually stall, giving us unusual weather such as the tropical storm which went ashore in North Carolina and inland westward across Georgia. Weather usually goes the other way that time of year, and all times of the year actually. The change is because of the jet stream.

Just as the heat wave affecting the northwest of north America is caused by the same jet stream stalling. An air stagnation event, as they have been calling them, is happening. I have experienced them before, but they were about 10% as big as the one happening now; very localized previously, but now quite spread out and vastly more dangerous.

Vancouver is on the pacific coast of north America, meaning it should be cool and moist. It's a rain forest! Yet, people are dying from a heat wave despite the water in the ocean being 14degC presently. This is because there is no jet stream to drive the ocean breeze which keeps the pacific coast so cool and moist north of California.

So, expect more control over your life. Less freedom. More corporate control of every aspect of your life. And expect to not only have to suffer the consequences, but to also take the blame for global warming, despite the fact that only corporations have ever pulled fossil fuels out of the ground and dumped them into the atmosphere, corporations run by the elite, the same elite who are making you take the blame for slavery that they created, ran, and benefited from.

The stupidity of people dying of heat next to a 14degC ocean is quite obviously a sign of just how stupid humans have become under the wise leadership of the elite. And to think, most people are going to blindly follow them into whatever insanity the people who created these disasters in the first place have in their evil selfish minds.


I'll be out here, where they aren't.

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