Speech, Freedom of Speech, and Propoganda 
Friday, November 26, 2021, 03:06 PM
Speech does not come with it any expectation of acceptance.

Speech is merely the efforts to share thoughts, knowledge, and understanding. This speech does come with it however the reasonable expectation that it can be freely heard as it lacks any expectations.

Propoganda is speech that has expectations, which includes any and all speech that is paid for in some form or otherwise created with an expectation in mind, and should absolutely be censored, but by the individual and with full knowledge of the nature of the speech. Propoganda does include all books, as payment was rendered in some form for their creation. Books can include non propoganda but become such because payment was rendered for their creation and they lack any individual interaction.

Speech should be free of course. Propoganda should be labeled or known to be such so that ir can be appropriately treated.

That you are reading this at all, because I only wrote it here, is in fact propoganda. That does not demean its value, it merely advises you that it is not speech.


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