Why I Live on a Boat, 3 
Thursday, November 4, 2021, 04:27 PM
I live on a boat because, unlike you, I like to make my life better for myself and those around me. Just as I did not accept what was taught in school to be the extent of my education, neither do I accept letting someone else, especially an anonymous, uncaring government care for my immediate environment.

In point of fact, I HAVE to live on a boat precisely because the environment in America is so awful. Just yesterday I saw a news story about how American tap water is a "cocktail of toxins" which I already knew long ago.

The problem isnt the government, the problem is you, sitting on your fat, lazy ass expecting someone else to "take care of it" even while touting how America is supposedly a democracy, which means self-governance, or getting off your fat lazy ass and doing it yourself.

So, again, the only reason I have to live on a boat, is because of your lazy, fat, ignorant, stupid, entitled, hypocritical ass.

And you wonder why I hate you?


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