Supply Chain Problem (There is Only One)  
Sunday, October 31, 2021, 10:39 PM
There is only one supply chain issue: it was broken, deliberately, as a planned action to destroy the supply chain and create inflation in globally shipped goods including food.

The global shipping industry operates (sorry, operated before the "pandemic") as an efficient machine as part of a true physical market where supply and demand determine the price. This means keeping operating costs as low as possible in order to compete. So ships run as often as possible except when in maintenance and there is alwsys just enough capacity on just enough ships to maintain global shipping.

But, a non-operating ship not only isn't making money, it costs money to maintain, and actually maintenance costs for an idle ship are higher than for one which is operating, so idle ships cost money.

At the beginning of the pandemic, this global shipping which had run smooth for decades, suddenly halted, leaving numerous ships idle. These were prompltly sold and many scrapped, reducing the shipping capacity.

The time it takes to restore that capacity is how long it takes to build replacement ships, measured in years.

These facts were known in advance. It is a fact that a globally intertwined society operating on such a narrowly efficient engine is going to suffer significantly from any major shocks which disrupt the normal flow and operation.

The supply chain crunch is an engineered event which preceeds the collapse of the present economic system in order to put into place a new system, one which likely doesn't include you!


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