Fuck Your Worthless Perspective 
Saturday, October 23, 2021, 10:40 PM
I am tired of giving people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to perspective. It is quite clear to me now that not a single goddam one of you pathetic fucking morons has the capability to see beyond your own limited, narrow perspective.

And not a single one of you reading this has a fucking clue what I am talking about.

Try smoking a lot of concentrated Salvia divinorum and maybe you will have the opportunity, if you allow yourself to that is, which I doubt since you so not CARE to see beyobd your limited selfish perpective.

What I am talking about is the basis from which you view everything. Being the self-centered pricl that you are, I cannot easily describe what I mean because you have never seen beyond your own perspective. But you can sure as hell try. So, imagine for a second you are Alec Baldwin, and you were just handed a gun that you were told by the on-set expert was "cold" as in safe to handle, and it wasn't and now you are standing there having just shot your friends, one of whom is dead.

How do YOU feel, being in that situation? Pretty scary? Anxious? Nervous? Sad? Worried?

But you should be doing this with everyone you meet, everyone you know, everyone you don't meet, and everyone you don't know. Thats right, the minute you read about Mr. Baldwin's situation you should be imagining you are him, whatever the circumstances are or could be, just as you should be imagining yourself in my situation.

But you don't because you can't because you are too busy worried about yourself and your problems to even have time to think about anyone else, much less their problems.

And so, we have a world where everyone needs help and no one offers or provides it because everyone is convinced that they need to only worry about themselves.

So, yeah... sorry I can't help you. I'm too busy with my problems.


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