Tuesday, September 21, 2021, 04:40 AM
I can do this comfortably because I never ask for money.

We just found out that our only working bank card, my benefits card, cannot receive transfers and therefore we are presently without access to cash.

However, we do have a MercadoLibre Store with enough items to sustain us for a year, if we sell them.

We put our inventory in trust of a friend who can make the items available for pickup (sorry we have to cancel free delivery) and actually deliver what is sold. But if you are outside La Paz and would like to donate, just shop in our store below, open an account or find a friend with one, and buy something, please. Even one sail would save our lives as we have no way to even afford food.

It is not easy to get cash out of our account but we can buy most of what we need with it.

Please shop around and buy something. Maybe one day we can actually hand it to you.

Thank you. Link below

Well, I just looked at the sales and realized everything but the sails, autohelm, and windlass are on Disperser. I cannot deliver those items but your donations would be welcome with the hope of future delivery.

Mercado Libre just wrongfully took down our windlass. I was writing this while Zach was pausing items we didn't have not knowing he shouldn't.

So we now have Jewish algorithms harassing us.

I am not sorry about the Jewish thing. Wake the fuck up, they believe you are their slaves, and they are correct.

I believe otherwise, and actually AM superior to them, so of course they do not appreciate my presence. However, I have rights here, theres are in Israel.


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