We are now being followed 
Sunday, September 19, 2021, 11:45 PM
We noticed after we left the jail some people seemed to be watching for us, following us on foot. We took a taxi to find a hotel, got a room and walkrd to get some food and water. While walking we noticed a man staring at us as he drove by, then he turned to follow us. We changed direction to evade and he drove around the block and continued to follow us. We ran, walked, changed streets and ditections to try to avoid him but being on foot versus a car makes it hard.

We hid in a park and called the police who offered to follow us to the hotel. However, it is a hotel known to be cheap and the only one in this area, and they know we have no money because they stole it.

These are business owners. The owner of Cantamar and Buceos y Servicios and most famously, the American managed Socorro Aggressor dive boat, his primary source of untaxed income (laundered through the hotel.

We can file a denuncia, again, but our denuncia for threats and attempted extortion which started all this is still untouched, and was filed in 2017. We do not know what to do.

My brother was supposed to help,but convincing him I even need it was impossible, and he did finally contact my other family, who ignored my plea for help in the face of direct threats.

This is happening to us because we are invisible, and because no one can possibly believe we are in this situation. I asked for witnesses, but no one even wants to TRY to believe. That sickens me.

We need help. We literally have nothing, no money, no clothing, no food, no home, no vehicles, no keys, no computers, no friends, no support of any kind.

Please, if you can come here, or at least share this blog and photos and videos we upload and link, you can save our lives, or you can also ig ore us and ensure our deaths. We hope you will not ignore us.

I know I am hard to get along with, that is my disability. It isn't fair that I have to suffer so and face threats of death, the loss of everything I own amd my dogs which are also part of my family, especially not because of an illegitimate business.

We are scared but in a hotel room, we assume safely for the night. But considering the hotel is Jewish owned, I have my doubts.

I we are killed, please know it was by Pedro Alberto Bazua Aguliar, owner of Cantamar in Pichilingue and Soccorro Aggressor dive boat, which is American managed and thus has some culpability in the crimes against us.


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