Sunday, September 19, 2021, 10:02 PM
After things settled down, I noticed a state police vehiclet Cantamar, the place nextdoor which had previously removed me illegally and stole a great deal from me, with the help of the state police. After about a couple hours, we saw the state police and private individuals cutting the fence between the property next door and entering the property.

Long story short, for now, is that the state police were privately hired to help facilitate illegally removing us from our rightful home and stealing absolutely everything, including my boat with everything on including 6000 cash and my passport, birth certificate, computers, tools, everything.

We were illegally detained by these police at the behest of the US State Department. I will record and upload a video with details because I am on my phone, the only means I have to communicate, upload, etc.

We were in jail for 60 hours instead of the 48 maximum, received no food, little water, no lawyer, and no phone calls, and went before a judge who ruled our detention illegal, of course. But its too late. They took everything and will get away with it. We have no recourse.

The police also left my dog at one of the police stations. I am going to try to find her tomorrow
ow but fear the worst.



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