Why You Should Believe Me 
Sunday, August 29, 2021, 09:30 AM
It occurred to me that people might not realize that I only write what I understand to be true, and that what I understand to be true is true, which translates to a pretty damn good chance that I am in fact correct in what I write here.

Afghanistan, for example (the previous entry), was a field for testing military gear, just as Vietnam was. I don't have to explain this or sell you the idea that it is a fact. I state this because it is an accepted fact that there is a Military Industrial Complex, and if you aren't aware of this fact, you aren't intelligent enough to be reading my blog. I say this because only intelligent enough people can read properly, that is, critically. Only intelligent enough people can read my writing and not take it for granted. The rest of you are so stupid as to not be able to question what I write. Stupid, by the way, is just lack of intelligence, failure to meet your potential in intelligence. You are as stupid as you are not intelligent.

So if you feel like you aren't getting an explanation and have to just believe me, don't feel bad. Yes, you are stupid. But you are among friends. Everyone in society is stupid. That just means you were never allowed to achieve your potential, whereas I was driven to it by society because I was socially rejected as a child.

You can also be confident you can believe what I write because I have a Universal perspective, which means I'm not trying to be right from anyone's perspective, I'm trying to be right from EVERYONE'S perspective. I don't have an ego that needs to be satisfied, meaning I do not have any inherent biases, nothing to cause me to have anything but a universal perspective.

And there's also the fact that I cannot lie because of the memory problems I have from the brain damage I suffered.

Taken together, they represent a guarantee that you are reading fact when you read something I write.


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