The Afghanistan "Debacle" Was No Such Thing 
Sunday, August 29, 2021, 04:49 AM
Afghanistan was a field, as in for field testing weapons and other articles of war and other mayhem. Afghanistan was a field for the so-called Military Industrial Complex.

So, why would anyone ever think that the biggest money making and spending machine on the planet would be so careless as to create the mess created at Kabul airport?

Why wasn't Bagram used instead? An isolated and well protected American base where people could be brought safely and allowed to fly out without threats of suicide bombing or other safety issues.

The reason is simple. Things went exactly as planned. Fuck the people, get the gear out. Oh, the people paid for it? Leave it behind.

Don't ever try to think of these things from your own point of view. Their point of view is profit over all else, including your life. In that context, who cares what happens in Kabul, right? The field has been shut down, we got our guys and toys out. Oh, suicide bombers in Kabul? We'll tell you where the guys who are going to do it...maybe afterwards.

And remember, that's why you pay income tax and work 40 hours a week.


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