Nora Update 
Saturday, August 28, 2021, 04:49 AM - Tropical Weather
Nora is following the worst case scenario path. I never thought I would witness it in person but did expect it could happen some day. And here is that day, so far.

While I still vehemently disagree with their forecast methodology (the five day cone should include ANYWHERE any of the models suggest its possible the storm can go or otherwise demonstrate where, especially on land, people need to be aware there is a potential for a tropical storm to affect them. Nora will affect La Paz, how much is dependent upon how much energy can be absorbed by the hot waters in the Sea of Cortez versus what is lost to upper level sheer, which has been notably high but is predicted to diminish.

I am preparing for the worst, a hurricane that stays in the Sea of Cortez and lingers releasing all the pent up energy of the area in one go. This storm is going to be fierce though the winds will not be as high as if the storm came directly over La Paz, though tornadoes are not out of the question.

I am quite scared. I cannot keep up with regular forecasts because I am too anxious and too stressed to concentrate well enough to do much beyond deal with this thing as it develops.

I don't much feel like providing a service to La Paz for how I have been treated.


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