More Evidence of US State Dept Harassment 
Monday, September 27, 2021, 12:59 PM
Posted by Administrator
I requested records and recordings of the phone calls made from the US Consulate to La Paz and especially the call made to me.

I requested expedited processing, which clearly by their own rules this neccessitates. Nevertheless, before even considering my request, it was denied expedited processing.

The Deep State IS the US State Department.


Read it here or below, the related link: ... -10763.pdf

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Monday, September 27, 2021, 05:41 AM
Posted by Administrator
Intelligence is an advantage. It is something you consciously develop. It is a choice to have it as much as it is a choice not to. I made my choice as a child to learn more than was expected of me, more than my peers. So I come to this point in my life having an advantage because I chose to do the work then to have that advantage today. Can it be considered fair for people to do business corruptly in oder to overcome their relative disadvantage?

Intelligence gives me an advantage in business by allowing me to make business decisions without the need for expert advice, which is costly, time consuming, and shall we say not always reliable.

Intelligence allows me to be ahead of others by allowing me to see their plans develop and thus allows me to predict their next moves if they are, for example, using corruption to harm me in the name of preventing competition they can't beat.

I have been able to overcome the efforts of literally dozens of people working hard, and getting paid a great deal, to hurt me and prevent me from doing what I need to do out of their fears of me because they mistakenly believed I was a threat to their businesses because I wanted to use the abandoned boatyard in Pichilingue. But while I originally just wanted to fix my boat so I could leave Mexico, their assumption has become their reality because frankly when you lack intelligence you make up for it with stupidity, which is why you have to resort to corrupt practices.

I am a genius, I did suffer brain damage, but that just hides my intelligence. I thus have another advantage, one they cannot overcome because they based their perception of me on their assumptions, not my reality.

And so, here we are. There is no other way forward than to see a business owner go to jail for corruption, and several officials relieved of duty and investigated. This cannot be buried because my intelligence allowed me to create a situation I could ensure benefitted me no matter what they tried to do, and in fact made it so that the worse it seemed for me, the worse it actually was for them, and I made all the right decisions along the way where I could not pre-plan them.

I look forward to doing business, but wish I had been long ago gone from Mexico. I had little choice but to address corruption becsuse of how it affected me, and I could not avoid confronting it because it was thrust at me. So the only way forward is to punish the instigators, the few idiots who made bad decisions to victimize someone a lot more intelligent than themselves. They must now answer for their decisions, including the one made to be corrupt.

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Sunday, September 26, 2021, 08:22 PM
Posted by Administrator
So, this Zapatista appears to be breaking bad.

Is this really me?

If anyone knows how to use this blog software, please tell me, I can't get uploaded images to show up in posts.
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Dear Deep State 
Sunday, September 26, 2021, 01:03 AM
Posted by Administrator
I imagine you guys are getting tired of virtual meetings trying to figure out what to do with this mess you think I made (you got my plans didnvt you?) for you. Well, since you won't let me sit on on the meetings despite being both thr most affected by your decisions as well as the most qualified to advise or even make them, I decided I would just directly, and publicly, give you the solution.

So, in July, Mexico finally recognized my need for refuge, granted it to me, and gave clear title to the abandoned boatyard which now does belong to me according to your own charade. But, this being Mexico, things got turned around and someone forgot to tell the nice folks around here what was going on.

So, Pedro got his private cop friends to get themselves in trouble, and forgot to not get himself in trouble in the process. So, thid criminal asshole punk kid none of you like anyway especially for the tourism moneies he has cost you with his constant fuckuppery goes to jail for being stupid, pays his way out and moves to San Pedro and runs only his stupid dive boat, but only from San Pedro, the one near Los Angeles, not the one in Mexico, I get given clear title to Cantamar and the Aguilar family finds $3million USD that fell out of a plane ferrying Haitian migrants back to Chile.

And then, the State Department quietly sends their deepest (state) apologies for fucking with me, and if I'm nice I wont ask for someons head on a silver platter in front of me at my new boatyard quietly guarded by uncorrupt military, while La Laz undergoes a revolution that benefits everyone but the retiring businessmen who just cannot handle the competition.

Oh, and Marina Palmira is mine too. I am executive manager. I name my salary.

So, thats your solution. No revolution of the people, but a calm and quiet laying down of your corrupt arms, a happy retirement party, and a peaceful departure from your active corrupt business lives.

And La Paz gets some peace.

I can fantasize, can't I?

Seeya on the other side of all this folks.
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Hechos de La Danuncia 
Saturday, September 25, 2021, 08:50 PM
Posted by Administrator
Escribimos una denuncia. Aqui esta: ... osWolf.pdf
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US State Department Reported to OIG 
Saturday, September 25, 2021, 08:40 AM
Posted by Administrator
The OIG, Office of Ispector General, is a uniform office across all appropriate US Government agencies which is responsible for oversight, to ensure no wasre, fraud, abuse, or criminal activity occurs. So when, for example, the US Consulate in Mexico deliberately gets my disability benefits terminated and has me illegally detained by their corrupt police friends in La Paz, these crimes should be reported to the Office of Ispector General.

I have made two reports and an FOIA request for appropriate records, including for a recorsing od the phone call Cody made to me and which facilitated my illegal detention by corrupt police who subsequently violated my every right.

I have no faith in American government. The Deep State exists and lives in the U S State Department. But, you never know, especially in a case this huge.

This would be mainstream news if it werenvt for the fact that the media is controlled by the same people who control the government.

And for who donvt believe me, fuck you. You can come and witness it for yourself. People like you are why these things happen.
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Going to the National Guard 
Friday, September 24, 2021, 12:13 PM
Posted by Administrator
The idea of going to the National Guard came up yesterday and I started looking into it. I have since emailed my evidence and a brief denuncia, and am already on my way to report this in person.

I do not have faith this will work. I believe AMLO came to power the same way Trump did, by seeling out to the same Cabal that runs everything else. But there are also two possibilities: one that pushing back agsinst my claims forces them to give me what I need. The other is that AMLO actually came to power of his own.

We will lkkely try to livestream our efforts with the Nacional Guard. We will try to recruit a small local audience of people we met in the hotel, but cannot know when this will take place and suggrst just keeping the channel open.

Otherwise, widh us luck.

Well, that went as expected. Going to file a denuncia with PJR, the feds. Probably in on it, but I did send in a denuncia to the National Guard main office in Mexico City.

Also, people in this town are ALL in on the corruption. They do not want to share our video for fear of being seen as an agitator.

Stay out of La Paz and Mexico altogether folks. Fuck these people and this place and I hope it burbs to the fucking ground for how we are bing treated.
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Plea for Assistance 
Friday, September 24, 2021, 01:07 AM
Posted by Administrator
We need help, but we more need assistance.

I am extremely tired so I will let the video speak for me:
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Plea For Help 
Thursday, September 23, 2021, 10:28 AM
Posted by Administrator
My name is Michael Wolf. My caregiver's name is Zachary Watson. We need your help. We are refugees from America who have been robbed of everything by a business with the help of the State Police and the US Consulate here in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

We were illegally detained on our rightful private property by violent invasion supported by privately hired State Police after a night of violent attacks which included trapping me in the house by fire, all of which has been documented on video and can be found on Youtube at

We have nothing, and especially no way to support my fragile health. We lived on a boat which was damaged and was to be repaired on the property we had legally acquired one week prior. This was stolen and we have no idea of its disposition or whereabouts.

We need help, personal help. Someone who can drive us around so we can gather resources to do whatever it is we need to do. We also need witnesses as the things happening to us are just that unbelievable that no one does. At the very least, we need someone to talk to the media and tell them our story so that people who care and want to help can do so, and so people can know how dangerous it is here in La Paz.

We cannot do this alone. I am injured and my health is declining. We have no idea what we can do or how to do it. I need to be on my functional boat or in a hospital, which cannot be in this state.

Please come to us here in La Paz. Find us and help us. We do not need financial help immediately if at all, especially if I can get help restoring my disability benefits, which the US Consulate made sure I do not have. As you can imagine, because we were put in this situation on the inztructiof the US Co sulate, and that we are refugees, clearly help from the US consulate is impossible.

We seek refuge and political asylum from any nation willing to offer and we will try to get there. But for now we need your help.


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We Cannot Do This Alone 
Thursday, September 23, 2021, 07:14 AM
Posted by Administrator
What is happening to us is incredible, intentionally actually, in order to make it that much less likely can be helped.

This is because I am the victim of a relentless and directly targeted campaign of harassment on the part of what people call "The Deep State". These methods are well documented and we are all aware of some of the famous examples such as Tucker Carlson. But my situation is more, if not exactly like Julian Assange.

I came to Mexico for refuge, to escape. Why continue to hound me?

Simple. Because I still have not left their country, the territory they perceive they control. So my having done these things down here has literally drawn the curtsin and laid bare exactly who and what this Deep State is. I have shown the world and proven exactly what these people are.

Whether you believe me or not does not change the fact that I am dealing with far more than I can handle. That you can read about and watch what we are going through without feeling compelled to offer assistance merely confirms you are not human, because our plight is no more than your evening's entertainment.

Please do not ignore us. Someone out there can help us. Please come to us and do so.

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Last Social Post 
Thursday, September 23, 2021, 07:05 AM
Posted by Administrator
The apathy and cruelty of people appalls me. I have lost everything, documented the illegality of it, my innocence in other words, and the reaction here online is absolute evil.

What is the matter with you people?
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A Pleasant Social Experience 
Wednesday, September 22, 2021, 11:30 PM
Posted by Administrator
This evening we spent some time in a common area of the hotel we stayed at tonight. An older gentleman was there as well and we all had a very nice conversation.

I am not sure I was surprised, but his comments about his own culture really struck home the idea that Jews are not all like the stereotypes we hear about... He made some honest observations about the Jewish culture that we really enjoyed. Basically, the Jews I have been dealing with are about as well thought among Jews as they are outside of their culture.

So yes, I had a pleasant social conveesation with jew, or rarther a Jewish gentleman who is just as human as I am, and he hates people like Mac Shroyer just as much as I do.

I do not hate Jews, I hate their culture and their use of it as an excuse to be evil.
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The Order of Things in La Paz 
Wednesday, September 22, 2021, 06:36 AM
Posted by Administrator
Yesterday afternoon was by far the worst experience I have had throughout this whole ordeal. A local marine tourism businessman told me that what happened to me was just how things are here in Mexico.

This is not the case, this is how these people want to do things here, and only here in La Paz.

La Paz is a city run by a Cabal, a centrally Jewish controlled network of businessmen and officials who skirt, evade, and outright break the law, in other words, CHEAT, so that they can overcome competition in order to profit. Businesses here must be part of this network, or fail. There is no place for fair competition and thus no place for either innovation, or IMPROVEMENT.

As a result of this setup, La Paz is doomed to decay and rot. This is of course wholly unsustainable. So the way things are here in La Paz, a conscious choice made continuously, is to exploit without regard to anything but self gain. It is a conscious choice and thus things are this way because people want them to be this way.

And, it doesnt have to be the way things are. This is strictly elective, and right now, business owners in La Paz are choosing the status quo.
Instead, they could be supporting a business and businessman doing actual honest business. These are conscious choices. No one has offered to help me. And here comes someone in need of something I have and when faced with having to pay a fair price for an item in my storage, he made no offer of providing what I actually need, he could only beg me, in my situation, for a cheaper price, because "man I have to have it Mike".

Think about that folks. What is business? It is absolutely superficial, completely meaningless in the grand scheme of things. When we take a vacation, do we go on a selling or working spree? No, we LEAVE that world behind. So why, when faced with a real transaction for the provision of sonething I desperately need in exchange for something I have but do not desperately need, is realirt set aside for business concerns? The implication is that business is incompatible with being human.

I had to actually suggest to this person the idea of helping me in order to pay for the item he wants. Clearly, I am not the one with the problem here. Here is a clear choice to do things another way. There was almost a glee in his voice as he made his now famous declaration to mr, as if he was quite happy to be a slave to arrogant racist cheaters. It speaks a lot to why things are the way they are here in La Paz. It is because the people want things this way because they are such awful people.

But doing business can and SHOULD be compatible with being human. The very nature of my business is human. It is salvage, repair, and construction of boats. Provision of very human needs through a business. If someone's boat were in trouble, I wont not help because they have no money. I will help, and if I can be compensated in sone way, great. Money is a tool, nothing more, and it isnt the only tool in the box.

So how about it La Paz? Is this going to continue to be the way things are here in La Paz, or are you going to make that conscious decision to do things right, to have fair competition, to allow for innovation and create a sustainable business environment.

If so, I would like to ask for your help. Come help me get Disperser back to my legal property and help me protect and build a true business in La Paz, so we can show people all over the world how we do business here in Mexico.

Revel in this Mexico. My story evidences the lengths these people have to go to fight competition and stifle innovation. They have to employ the power of the US Government to prevent fair competition in business. Thats how THEY do business.

How about you, La Paz?

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I Cannot Stress Enough thr Involvement of the US Consulate 
Wednesday, September 22, 2021, 12:04 AM
Posted by Administrator
The US Consulate sabotaged my disability benefits shortly before these events. The Federal Benefits Unit was supposed to file my Continuing Disability Review and send me all correspondences. They never did.

The fact that everything was stolen from me only happened because the US Consulate was involved in a deliberate miscarriage of justice. In other words, the US Consulate committed criminal acts against an American citizen (who happens to be seeking refuge and political asylum) using coorupt officials.

The U S Consulate then is involved in organized crime.

OMG... what a surprise...

Where do you think the Deep State resides? State Department.
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I made the local news. I think... 
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