Why I Live on a Boat - Part 2 
Saturday, October 16, 2021, 07:53 PM
Posted by Administrator
My brain was damaged in 2004 by lead and other toxins during a housefire. As a result, I require a controlled environment, quiet, free of noise of people, and private so I did not have to deal with people if I did not want to. I had already been living in exclusively rural settings for 10 years when the fire happened, so accommodating this need was not that difficult, especially when I started receiving HUD benefits for housing

But, both the unfair (actually illegal) loss of my benefits, and the discovery of a dietary problem meant that my ability to live as I had been was no longer sustainable. I had already decided to leave the country if I could not restore my benefits, and even spent a year living off-grid, without buying anything from corporations, but could not fix my benefits issues or find a waumy to deal with living in America.

So I decided to leave. 45 days after that decision, I decided I would do so on my own sailboat. Less than two months later I was living on my boat, a perfect solution to all of my problems. A clean environment, fully unxer my control, I could move to anywhere and espscially to where no one else is, and which is self-contained and capable of fully supporting my health and well being.

So, here I am, still. Sort of...
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