Why I Live on a Boat 
Monday, October 11, 2021, 03:53 PM


You are domesticated.

You are stupid.

You do not have empathy and therefore are not human.

You have absolutely no consideration for anything other than your own transitive desires, that is, you only care about feeling good right now.

You cannot think, you can only believe and therefore you have no opinion, yet feel as though your opinion matters, as if you were actually in some kind of a democracy.

You believe rumors and never learn about who I really am, what kind of person I really am.

You are rude.

You are mean.

You have no future.

You are part of a herd.

You are a slave.

Your existence is a burden to everyone and everything.

You are a threat to the human species.

And I don't fucking like you. And I don't have to. In fact, I hate you, and I should.

Not a single one of you has ever lifted a finger to help someone else, and none of you fucking assholes has ever done anything but treat me like shit.

I live on a boat because unlike you, I am a human being, who has a perspective that considers everything, not just my own present feelings.

I live on a boat because I have a life and a future and will survive whatever your society does to you because I am not a slave to the assholes who have you covinced of whatever the fuck you idiots believe.

I LIVE on a boat.

You are waiting your turn to DIE.

That having been said, if by some fucking miracle this truthfully does not describe you, then why the fuck aren't you also living on a boat?



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