Welcome Potential and Future Ocean Nomads

I am offering my wisdom for those nomads who seek to become truly free as humans were meant to be, by offering to teach and show you what it takes to live the nomadic life on the open seas and other waterways of this crazy world.

Because I do not depend upon society for my needs, money is not the only thing valuable and which can compensate me for teaching and equipping you for a life as a seafaring nomad.  From simply providing your labor, to trading that RV you thought would be your future, or investing your stash of gold, or simply paying out of your life savings, anyone who is interested can afford what I offer.

Anyone who is physically capable can live this life in one form or another.  From being crew from boat to boat, harbor to harbor; finding a long term crewing position or even a romantic or other long term partner; to finding your own vessel and crew for your own adventures; there is something for everyone; from single young adults to a group of friends to whole families, everyone can become an Ocean Nomad.

The life of an Ocean Nomad is an ideal human existence.  We are intelligent, nomadic beings. We need to travel for our safety and sanity, and to continually fill our minds so we don't get bored and resort to unsanitary behaviors such as addictions.  And our minds are perfectly suited to life aboard vessels and the complex tasks required such as celestial navigation.  And considering that all modern technology at one time or another had its start on ships, it's only natural we are nomadic on ships ourselves these days.

No matter if you're just hopping between other people's sailboats happily or until you find your own, or you have your own ship and are happily plying the oceans of the world, the life of an ocean nomad is far freer and better than any other kind of nomad.  Backpackers take huge risks that someone who hitches rides on boats doesn't ever have to take.  And the police can't pull over and seize your boat because they think you have drugs or don't like your solar panels.  And even when parking among other nomads, you won't have to worry about someone coming around and night and pilfering, which is kind of hard to do when you're anchored.

The biggest hurdle to living on the ocean is not the training or the dangers of the seas.  The biggest hurdle is actually understanding how much safer the sea is than land.  After all, water doesn't sink a boat, rocks do, and rocks are found on land, not floating in the ocean.  A very little bit of basic knowledge of the environment and weather, which you should have as any kind of a nomad anyway, and an appreciation for your own personal safety, are all that are necessary to live on the ocean.  This isn't something for special people, believe me.  All kinds of idiots cruise the world on sailboats all the time.  Trust me, I've seen them and live among them.  And the rich don't know a damn thing about sailing, they hire people to do it for them (thus the crewing opportunities...)

I am accepting applications for limited openings right now both because of my personal situation and because I am just starting out doing this.  Only two or three people will be accepted this year, so apply now.  You can contact me by emailing me through this website using my last name.  If you're smart enough to figure out how to contact me, you're already well on your way to being one of my first students.